121st PSA 10 1st Edition Charizard – An Interview

121st PSA 10 Charizard

A 1st Edition Base Set Charizard 4/102, arguably the pinnacle of English Pokémon Trading Cards.

In 2020, Influencers jumped onboard with Pokémon and the already expensive investment of the fire lizard increased exponentially. In December 2020, a PSA GEM MT 10 sold for $350,100 highlighting the incredible growth of the hobby over the last 12 months.

Yves Bruynen sent his 1st Edition Base Set Charizard through Ludkins Collectables’ grading service in September 2020, fast forward to December and he was the owner of the 121st PSA 10 in existence.

I sat down with Yves to discuss the history of his card and the impact a 6 figure Pokémon card has had on his collection.

121st 1st Edition PSA 10 Charizard

How did this 1st ed Charizard come into your possession? What is the story behind the card?

About 5 years ago I was able to purchase a lot of 1st edition boosters for my personal collection. At the beginning of last year I opened  all the packs and was very lucky to pull the holy grail. With the big increase in value I then decided to send it off for grading with Ludkins Collectables.

Did you expect a PSA 10 or were you very surprised when you heard the news?

The rest of Flash-Cards and I looked very thoroughly at the card, we were not expecting a PSA 10. We hoped to get at least a PSA 8 since it came straight from a booster. We know how hard it is to get a PSA 10 with a WOTC card as we send monthly submissions via Ludkins Collectables.

Have you graded with Ludkins before and how was the experience?

I have been working with Ludkins for a long time now, last month we sent about 1300 cards. This month, we are sending nearly 2000 cards. I have a Pokémon store in Hoogstraten (Belgium) and we offer a PSA service.

We are also a very unique shop, we are the only shop in Europe that only offers Pokémon. We sell mostly online but we have a real shop where people can come to buy Pokémon cards.

What makes this card so special?

Charizard is the most popular Pokémon TCG character. What makes this card so special is that there are only 121 in the whole world. Some of which may have already disappeared and be very hard to find. This card is also 1st edition meaning that this card is part of the first ever print-run of English Pokémon cards.

Is this card your most prized TCG possession, do you have anymore Charizards in your collection?

This card is the most expensive item in my collection, because it has such a high value it’s hard to get past this. I also think that in a very short time this card will reach over half a million euros.

Since I was a little kid I have always collected Charizard Base cards. At the moment I have quite a collection of Base set Charizards and other Charizard cards. I am also a sealed collector and a set collector and own almost every English card. As for sealed I own a lot of WOTC stuff.

What is your plan moving forward into 2021, what are you collecting just now?

In 2021 I want to complete my 1st edition PSA 10 set. At the moment they are all at PSA getting graded. As for the store, we want to become bigger, not the largest in Europe, but we want to become the largest shop to sell only Pokémon in the whole world. We also want everyone to stay healthy within these difficult times.

You can check out Yves’ Pokémon store here: Flash Cards

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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