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DBS CG – 2019 National Championship Metal Cards

In our previous article, we covered the 2018 Championship Metal Prize cards. Although they are some of the rarest cards in the entire DBS CG, the ones that came with the 2019 National Championships are equally, if not more, rarer and sought after by collectors. 

Seven regions from around the world took part in the 2019 Championship Finals. These were in the U.S, Latin America, the E.U, Oceania, Asia, Italy and France. The top three winners from each of these regions were all awarded a Gold Metal card, and for the first time, the regular paper prize card also. 

What is unique about these prizes is that the winners got to choose what metal cards they got. The 1st place player got to pick first and was also awarded a ‘1st place’ stamped paper ‘SS Vegito, Energy Eruption’ card. The 2nd place player got a ‘2nd place’ stamped paper ‘Broly the Awakened Threat’ leader card and got to chose one of the two remaining Gold Metal cards. The 3rd place got a paper ‘3rd place’ stamped ‘Explosive Power Vegeta’ and was awarded the Metal card that was left over. 

2019 National Championship Metal Cards

The Gold Cards 

These cards are incredibly rare, as only five English copies of each metal card were ever given out. Out of them, only two of the ‘SSB Vegito, Energy Eruption’ cards have been sent to PSA, both achieving PSA 10s. There is only one ‘Broly, the Awakened Threat’ in the PSA population, which is also a PSA 10, and three PSA 10 ‘Explosive Power Vegeta’ cards.

Because there are only five English versions of each card in existence, sales data is almost non-existence for the 2019 National Championship Metal Cards, which makes valuing them accurately almost impossible. With that being said, there is currently an eBay listing offering a complete BGS 10 pristine set of all three gold metal cards. The ‘Buy It Now’ price is asking for a staggering $500,000, which would make each one cost around $166,666. The fact that this set hasn’t sold yet may indicate that they are not worth the asking price, although it could also mean that no one, as of yet, has half a million to drop on a complete set.

Source (@Yinponla0)

Goku Black & Zamasu/Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike 

The silver ‘Goku Black & Zamasu/Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike’ was awarded at the 2019 National Championship to players who ranked 16th to 4th place. Because it was only available in five English language regions, it is believed that only 65 of these cards exist. Out of the 11 that have been sent to PSA to be graded, all of them have achieved PSA 10 grades due to the quality and durability of the metal cards. The last ‘Goku Black & Zamasu’ metal prize card to sell was in December 2020, which sold for $3,200. Since there has been a hike in DBS CG prices in the last six months, especially in the case of the rarer ones, it is likely to have increased in value. 

Bandai began giving out the Metal Prize Cards back at the 2018 National Championships, with the two silver cards and three gold cards becoming incredibly rare. In 2020, however, the Metal Card Prizes were stopped entirely. Those who own these pieces of DBS CG history will no doubt cherish their holy grail cards, especially those who earned them by beating the competition and being named the Championship finalists. 

To learn more about the upcoming 2020 Championship and the cards up for grabs, head over to our article – DBS CG: Championship Cards revealed.

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