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2022 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest promo cards

The winning artwork of the 2022 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest will begin distribution in December in Japan. 10,000 entries were submitted to the 2022 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest, with only one artist winning the overall competition and the $5000 prize money. The winner was REND, who illustrated an adorable-looking Arcane enjoying a lazy afternoon. The runner-ups of the 2022 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest were Taiga Kasai from Japan and Julie Hang from the United States.

Arcanine: Overall Winner – Rend

Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest promo

Judge Comments

‘It’s a scene that captures wild Pokémon as they are in nature. After the yawn, maybe Arcanine will go back to sleep? And maybe that movement would cause the Fletchling on Arcanine’s back to fly away? Those are the kinds of things it calls to mind.

The artist made good use of edge lighting to convey the warmth of the sunlight.

And I really like how they used blurring in the perspective to force the focus to be on the main subject, Arcanine, and to make it stand out.’

Artist’s comment

It’s such an honor to receive this award. I’m really thankful. I’m really happy because it took a lot of trial and error to draw this piece in a way that depicts the Pokémon in a lively manner. I won’t let this result get to my head and will continue to work hard to draw good illustrations.

Greninja: Runner-Up – Taiga Kasai

Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest promo

Judge Comments –

‘At first glance, it seems like a quiet illustration. But color has been applied only to the main subject, Greninja, for an impactful presentation with a strong sense of Greninja’s presence. You can feel stillness and motion at the same time with this piece that calls to mind the phrase “simple is best.’

Artist’s comment –

‘I’m thankful to have been chosen.

I’m really happy to have won a prize with Greninja, my partner who journeyed together with me through the Kalos region.

I really racked my brains on how to show Greninja being as cool as possible.

This is a huge honor for me as a Pokémon fanatic with Pokémon on my mind all around the clock.

I’m happy to have gotten interested in Pokémon. Thank you.’

Bulbasaur: Runner-Up – Julie Hang

Judge Comments –

‘Do we live to learn, to fulfill desires, or just out of force of habit? Or do we live to laugh loudly? That’s what this illustration calls to mind. I chose this one for the composition and the exuberant smile. I thought, “Oh, I guess that’s how Bulbasaur laughs.” You might think you’d laugh from the weird sensation when your body is floating. But then you remember the hard-to-express sickening sensation when you fall. I hope through this period of innocence that Bulbasaur will become an excellent Venusaur.’

Artist’s comment –

‘As a young aspiring artist, Pokémon was a wonderful source of inspiration for me. Today, I feel so very honored to have my artwork featured alongside countless masterpieces, and to contribute to the expansive collection that is the Pokémon Trading Card Game!’

These promos will first be released in Japan, given to those who spend 2000 yen on products bought from Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Stores, and the Pokemon Center Online in Japan. While It is likely these promos will reach the English game, it is unknown how they will be distributed.

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