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2nd Edition Dragon Ball Super CG Sets hit stores

Back in April, Bandai announced that the Vermillion Bloodlines and Rise of the Unison Warrior booster sets were getting a 2nd edition print. Now, these popular reprint sets are beginning to hit stores in certain regions, just in time for the holidays. These reprinted booster sets are a first for the Dragon Ball Super CG and will no doubt be followed by more as certain competitive cards continue to grow more expensive or harder to find.

The booster boxes of the reprinted sets, as well as the packs, will have a red banner with a ‘2nd Ed’ stamp on them. This will act as a way for players and collectors to get their hands on cards that were difficult previously, especially those looking to get into the game. Initially, Bandai said that they would not stamp their cards with anything to indicate that they were reprints, but after listening to the community, they decided to include a ‘RE’ on the card to differentiate them from the originals. Back in April when the set was first announced, a statement made on the official Dragon Ball Super CG Facebook page stated: 

‘While we continue to make efforts in reprinting desirable cards in products like Battle Evolution Booster, Special Anniversary Box, and promotional items such as Event Packs and Tournament Alt-Art Sets, there is also demand from stores and players to have these cards available in original booster pack form.’

2nd edition Vermillion Bloodlines

Pre-sales and early sales of the 2nd Edition Vermillion Bloodlines and Rise of the Unison Warrior booster sets have been popping up over the last month, with stock now becoming more readily available in certain regions, such as Europe. These boosters are selling for around $80, which is much lower than the $200-$350 prices the original sealed boosters have been selling for. 

Among some of the most sought after cards in the Vermillion Bloodlines set are ‘SS4 Broly, the Great Destroyer’, ‘Vegito, Warrior From Another Dimension’ and ‘Baby Hatchhyack, Saiyan Destroyer’, while those looking to buy the 2nd Edition Rise of the Unison Warrior will hope to pull cards like ‘SS4 Gogeta, Peerless Fusion’, Great Ape Masked Saiyan, Primal Carnage’ and ‘SS Trunks, God-Sealing Technique’. 

The Vermillion Bloodlines and Rise of the Unison Warrior reprinted booster sets come just weeks before the much anticipated Mythic Booster, which is a set made up of alternate art reprints of popular and hard to get cards. These include cards such as ‘Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination’, ‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’ and ‘SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated Destruction’.  To learn more about the Mythic Booster,  which will be the last set of the year, check out our article here

2nd edition Vermillion Bloodlines

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