A brief history of Shiny Mew in Pokemon TCG

Last week saw the release of Pokemon TCG: Celebrations which includes one of the most popular mythical Pokemon in their light blue shiny form, Mew. In this article, we’re going to take a brief look at shiny Mew cards from throughout Pokemon TCG’s history.

Pokemon Celebrations cards

2001 Shining Mew (CoroCoro promo)

The first-ever light blue shiny Mew first appeared in 2001 as a promo for CoroCoro magazine as an unnumbered promo. The card was released on April 15, 2001, as part CoroCoro’s May 2001 issue. The card features a glossy Cosmos Holofoil that covers the whole card, making it widely appreciated for its beauty. There are currently 2176 copies of the card on the PSA Registry, with only 287 PSA 10s due to the way that the card was included inside a sealed insert and is notorious for poor centring hence the high number of PSA 9s (844).

Shiny Mew Pokemon TCG

2006 Mew Gold Star 

In 2006, Gold Stars were the main chase cards in Pokemon TCG. Shiny Mew would return as part of EX Dragon Frontiers with an added Delta Species mechanic which meant that Mew was included as a water type. Originally released as part of the Japanese set, Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends, Mew Gold Star would later be re-released in 2008 as part of Dylan Lefavour’s championship-winning Empotech deck. The card features a silver border, Lefavour’s signature, and a limited edition 2008 World Championships back. In terms of pricing, an EX Dragon Frontiers PSA 10 sold for $6000 on PWCC Auctions at the end of June. A Japanese version sold for $15,700 last week at PWCC, you can read our pre-market analysis article here to find out why that price should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Shiny Mew Pokemon TCG

2017 Shining Mew 

Shining Legends is one of the most popular modern Pokemon TCG sets thanks to the many shiny Pokemon variants included within the expansion. Part of the main set is a Shining Mew, in its first English appearance, alongside a chase MewTwo in its original test tube. This Shining Mew is a fantastic throwback to the original 2001 Shining Mew with a modern textured holo pattern. At the time of writing, there are over 3000 English copies graded with PSA of which 1234 are Gem Mint 10s. 

Pokemon TCG: Celebrations gives us the fourth ever shiny Mew artwork in the form of a gorgeous textured gold card and a 25th Anniversary stamp. The future for Mew fans is very exciting with Fusion Arts officially revealed as the November Pokemon TCG set focused around the legendary gen 1 Pokemon, read about Fusion Arts here.

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You can read more about the history of shiny Pokemon cards here.

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