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A closer look at Expansion 18 Namekian Boost

Bandai recently revealed the next stage of the Unison Warriors series by showcasing the new ‘Boost’ Expansion Sets. In our previous article, we took a look at the contents of the Saiyan Boost set and the five cards coming with it. Now, we will take a closer look at Namekian Boost. 

What Is Boost? 

The Spirit Boost keyword skill will come with Battle Cards and will allow you to remove Unison Markers from your Unison Cards to activate their powerful effects. This means that decks using Spirit Boost cards will change up the traditional Unison strategy and will use the markers to fuel other Battle Cards instead.

Piccolo, Spirit Boost Defender

It wouldn’t be a Namekian set without the most famous one of them all making an appearance. This Unison card is the equivalent of the ‘SS Son Goku, Spirit Boost Striker’ card coming in the Saiyan Boost Expansion, which only has a specified energy cost of 2 to play it. This card allows you to add an extra marker onto it when one of your other Battle Cards uses their Blocker keyword. When Spirit Boost takes a marker from Piccolo, you can negate the skills of a Battle card with an energy cost greater than the amount of energy they have. The +1 marker skill allows you to change one of your Battle cards to active at the end of your turn, which will protect it from being an attack target during your opponent’s next turn. 

Namekian Boost

Son Gohan, Spirit Boost Vindicator & Trunks, Spirit Resonance

The Auto skill of ‘Son Gohan, Spirit Boost Vindicator’ can KO a skill-less Battle card if it is in rest mode. This can come in handy against several archetypes that came with the new Supreme Rivalry booster set, such as the Boujack Brigade, Android 17 & Android 18 and the new Blue Son Gohan. If you spend 1 Yellow energy, you can activate this card’s ‘Spirit Boost’ skill, which lets you play this card from your hand. Also, if you spend another Yellow energy, you can send this card to the drop to play a Future Trunks card with an energy cost of 3 from your deck.

One card you will want to play using this skill is ‘Trunks, Spirit Resonance’, which also comes with the Namekian Boost Expansion. This card is quite powerful for its cost, as it can Evolve from another Future Trunks card for 1 energy, has Deflect and is a Blocker, which works great with the Piccolo Unison card. This card also works with ‘Son Gohan, Spirit Boost Vindicator’ by allowing you to take one from your deck. If you pay 3 energy to use the Spirit Boost skill, you can play an 8 cost Future Trunks card from your hand. This means that you now have an alternative way to play ‘Trunks, Might Born of Hope’, that isn’t just through Evolving. 

‘Piccolo, Spirit Boost Defender’, ‘Son Gohan, Spirit Boost Vindicator’ and ‘Trunks, Spirit Resonance’ all work really nicely together and gives Yellow Decks more removal capabilities.

Namekian Boost
Namekian Boost

Sword Dance of the Demon God

Just like Saiyan Boost, the Namekian Boost Expansion has a Black 1 cost counter card. ‘Sword Dance of the Demon God’ is a Counter: Attack card that allows you to add a skill-less Battle Card from your Drop or Warp area to your hand. This recyclability will be a much-welcomed addition to many decks that primarily use skill-less Battle cards in their synergy. To use the ‘Spirit Boost’ skill of this card, you have to remove a Unison card from your drop, with a specified cost, from the game. As it does require a specified cost card, it does mean that it cannot be used with Black Unison cards, as they don’t have any specified costs yet. When the criteria is met, you can choose one of your opponent’s Battle Cards with an energy of 4 or less and send it to the Warp. 

Boujack, Pinpoint Onslaught

With there already being a Yellow Boujack leader, with a Blue one arriving in the Supreme Rivalry set, this multi-colour card offers the versatility to fit in either deck. If you have a Boujack Brigade card in your energy, the play cost of ‘Boujack, Pinpoint Onslaught’ becomes 3 and it loses its Energy-Exhaust keyword. The Activate:Battle skill reflects the versatility of this card, offering the choice of spending a Blue or Yellow energy, depending on the Boujack deck you are running, so that you can play this card from your hand and power up the rest of your Boujack Brigade cards by +5000 for the turn. 

Content Of The Set – 

You will receive two silver holo versions of each card mentioned above when purchasing the Namekian Expansion Set, as well as two packs of Supreme Rivalry and one pack of Battle Evolution. You will also receive the new DBS CG blue dice, which will help keep tabs on your Unison markers.

Expansion sets 17 & 18 will release on June 25th. If you would like to learn more about the Namekian Boost set, as well as all the latest DBS CG news, make sure you follow Ludkins media on Instagram and Facebook

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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