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A closer look at Meia 9-095L (Full Art)

The FF TCG is home to a number of valuable chase cards that are sought after by collectors and players. Among these is the Full Art Meia 9-095L card that came with Opus IX: Lords & Chaos. Meia is not only one of the most expensive cards of the set but is also among the most valuable cards that can be pulled from a booster pack.

Meia is a character from Mobius Final Fantasy, whose story is one forged in tragedy. After falling in love with a previous Warrior of Light, Meia tried to distance herself from him so that she didn’t go against the prophecy. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and the two were killed on a bridge with their bodies falling into the waters below. Somehow, Meia was resurrected as the Azure Witch who could now see Echoes just like Wol, a character she meets after killing Voyd. In Mobius, the two fight but Wol overpowers her and chooses to let her live – later journeying together to free Palamecia from its cycle of hope. 

The Meia 9-095L (Full Art) Legend card came with Opus IX: Lords & Chaos, which was released on July 13th, 2019. The set was composed of 48 Commons, 36 Rares, 26 Heroes, 14 Legends and 140 Premium cards. Meia is one the most valuable cards pulled from this set, with the Chocobo (Full Art) and Gabranth EX (Full Art) being the other expensive cards, holding a guide value price of $83 and $113 on TCG Player respectively.  

Those who bought an entire booster box of the set got an exclusive box topper which was a full-art foil card of Nael van Darnus from Final Fantasy XIV. When this booster was first released, box toppers were hadn’t been around long, only starting two sets previous with Opus VII.

On TCG Player, Meia 9-095L (Full Art) has a market guide price of $143. In June,  Two copies sold for $110 and $125, with another selling on eBay for $125. In August, we saw a dip in the value, with a copy selling for $95. In September, however, there have been two sales (at the time of writing this article) of $102 and $130.

The artwork of this card is striking, to say the least. Meia 9-095L (Full Art) was completed by Toshiyuki Itahana, an esteemed character designer and game director at Square Enix.  Itahana’s art has featured in Final Fantasy IX, Crystal Chronicles and the Chocobo spin-off series. Itahana has also directed two other games while working with Square Enix – Code Age Commanders, which was released on the PS2 in 2005, and FF Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Nintendo Wii. 

Meia 9-095L Full Art

Fans of the FF TCG are still enjoying Opus XIV which was released last month. This set came with several fantastic cards, including the Full Art Cloud 14-065L. To learn more about this valuable card, check out our article here. There are a number of other Final Fantasy TCG cards that hold high values. To learn more about these cards, click on the links below – 

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If you would like to take a closer look at the other cards in Opus IX: Lords & Chaos, or any other sets, we recommend you head over to Anthos – the ultimate Final Fantasy TCG database.

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