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A closer look at the DBS CG Gift Collection

Over the weekend, the second episode in the DBSCG Direct YouTube series was released, revealing the contents of the new Dragon Ball Super CG Gift Collection which will hit stores later this year. This is the first gift collection of its kind for the TCG and will launch alongside the Mythic Booster. 

During the second DBSCG Direct episode, there was a segment on the upcoming Gift Collection. Although we knew this was coming, the only image we had to go off was very small and didn’t give much away. Now, we know the full contents of this product. 

First of all, there will be a deck box with an image of ultra instinct Son Goku on the front and Shenron on the back. This artwork has never been used in the DBS CG, which does make it quite special. This deck box is a standard PVC design, opening from the top. We can assume there will be a card separator inside with one or both of the graphics on it, as is the case with the other official DBS CG deck boxes that have been released. 

A set of 65 deck protector sleeves with the split design of Gogeta and Vegito will be included. For the first time, a clear sleeve will also come with the deck protectors for your Leader card, which is a really nice touch. As of right now, it seems that there won’t be multiple deck box and sleeve designs to choose from in this product. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Gift Collection

A release date for the Dragon Ball Super CG Gift Collection (GC-01) hasn’t been announced yet, with Bandai saying we should expect it in Winter. This could mean that it will get an early December release, just in time for the holidays. The release date will coincide with that of the Mythic Booster and no earlier, as the set comes with two of the booster packs. The retail price for the Dragon Ball Super CG Gift Collection will be $25, but this value could vary depending on where you are in the world. 

Mythic Booster 

This gift set will also come with two booster packs of the upcoming Mythic Booster. This new set will be made up of reprints, with 63 types of cards to collect including two SCRs. It is likely that the set will have three different styles of cards – non-foils with their original art, foil versions with original art, and alt arts with foil. Each booster box will have the standard 24 packs inside of it, although there will only be 8 cards in each. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Gift Collection

Many of the cards picked for a reprint overhaul are Championship promos, including those that were meant to be part of the 2020 Championship campaign. The reason for this is because of the event cancelations and restriction seen through 2020 / 2021. 

Although we covered a number of the reprints coming with the Mythic Booster, we did get a look at one of the two SCRs of the set. ‘Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination’ has had a pretty impressive overhaul, making the Dragon Ball Heroes character look even more menacing and powerful. This reprint will also come with the new errata text, to bring it up to date. The original version of ‘Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination’ has been selling for around $300 in the past couple of weeks, but will this new reprint devalue its former version?

This is the first time a SCR has been reprinted in the DBS CG and could mark the beginning of these kinds of cards in the future. If you would like to keep an eye on the value of this card, as well as other top value cards, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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