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Amazing Chinese 25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes revealed!

25th Anniversary Premium Collection Box

Four more Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes have been revealed for Hong Kong and Taiwan including Blastoise, Charizard, Rayquaza, and Umbreon.

The Chinese 25th Anniversary Pokemon TCG set was released on October 20th alongside Venusaur and Gardevoir Premium Collection Boxes including the Classic Collection named Pokemon cards. Now, we’ve got official images of the four other boxes releasing on November 11th and December 17th 2021.

Chinese Pokemon cards are printed in the same facility as the Japanese TCG, the only differences being the language and the rear card stock (Chinese Pokemon TCG use the same card backs as the English TCG). For Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary, China’s distribution is slightly different to that of the Japanese and English sets. In China, the 25th Anniversary Collection is the same as Japan, which includes the cards from our Celebrations’ main set. As for the Classic Collection, in China, all Classic Collection cards are promos included with different products. 

These new Premium Collection Boxes include different Promos depending on the box art: Base Set Charizard and Imposter Professor Oak included with the Charizard box, Base Set Blastoise and Here Comes Team Rocket included with the Blastoise box, Donphan Prime, Xerneas EX, Mega Rayquaza EX included with the Rayquaza box, and Cleffa, Rocket’s Admin, and Umbreon Gold Star included with the Umbreon Premium Collection Box. These new products are gorgeous and each includes matching sleeves, playmat, card frame, and deck box alongside five Chinese 25th Anniversary Collection packs. 

These products look to be a huge success and continue the fantastic trend of stellar Chinese 25th Anniversary products alongside the Shining Magikarp Blister pack and Venusaur Premium Collection Box. 

Will you be picking up these Premium Collection Boxes? Which is your favourite?

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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