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In this new interview series, we’re speaking to interesting members of the TCG community ranging from small LGS owners to up and coming YouTube personalities. These interviews take a different format to our longer-form feature interviews (expect to see more soon)! In this first interview, we sat down with Matt Cullimore, the man behind YouTube channel, MattCulli, and online TCG store to find out how his Pokemon TCG adventure started and what direction it’s going!

For those that don’t know you, who is MattCulli?

I am a Pokemon TCG fan and YouTuber based in the UK. I open Pokemon cards and talk all things Pokemon TCG for a living! I also run an online TCG store with 2 friends selling various TCG products and vintage cards which has been an awesome journey in itself!


What is your earliest Pokemon memory?

Ash saving Charmander from the rain, that image of him on the rock trying to keep his tail alight under a leaf gets me every time. Also sitting outside an Alldays (now co-op) opening base set boosters with my mates…simpler times

When did you start collecting Pokemon as an adult and why?

I started collecting again in 2018. I was struggling with depression at the time and looked for a positive hobby to take up – my first thought was Pokemon and all the happy memories I had from collecting when I was younger. After I ripped into the first pack after years of being away, those simpler times came flooding back and the recovery from depression started. I am happy to say I no longer suffer from depression thanks to Pokemon alongside starting a YouTube channel as well as my amazing family and friends.

What do you love most about the hobby?

Charizard Charizard Charizard 😃 ! Also, the amazing community that we have built on my channel and Discord server!

What do you dislike the most about the hobby?

Facebook groups! I know this may seem harsh but in recent years they have become a toxic area of the hobby and I tend to stay clear now! Also lack of stock!

When and why did you start your YouTube channel?

I started my MattCulli channel back in 2019 and it was the best decision I ever made as I now do it full time and I am the happiest I have ever been in my life! The main reason I started the channel was to start doing something that I wanted to and something that made me happy. My goal was to hopefully one day make a difference and influence people in this world for good like charity events and caring for others.

One of Matt’s most popular videos is his journey to helping a long-time collector sell some incredibly rare cards from the hobby spanning decades of events with staff cards and trophy cards to name a few! If you’ve never watched any of Matt’s videos, check this one out first!

Can you tell us more about how you came in contact with Russ/what your project with him is?

I went to buy a booster pack from a local shop back in 2020. The girl serving me asked ‘do I like pokemon’ I said “YES of course!” She went on to tell me about her dad who worked for Pokemon World magazine and how large his collection was, then she said he doesn’t want it anymore. I asked if I could talk with him about buying/selling it for him, we set up a call and the rest is history!

What makes your YouTube channel stand out compared to all the Poketubers out there?

Hmmm, this is a hard one as there are so many amazing Poketubers out there with some awesome qualities! I try to focus on the positives of the hobby and show my passion for it in my videos. I also offer lots of advice for new and old collectors on how to save money and look for bargains and when to buy! We also run lots of charity events to raise money for children’s charities which is so important to me! Plus we do tons of giveaways to give back to the fans of the channel as without them the channel wouldn’t exist.

You’ve done loads for charity since starting your YouTube channel, what’s next?

Well firstly another charity stream, this time we hope to break £6000! A future goal is to turn it into a mini-convention show with live breaks for charity, but we shall see. If you would like to read more about Matt’s charity work for RockingHorse Children’s charity click here

What’s your favourite collection piece?

My Hidden Fates Shiny Charizard GX! I love this card. It was a huge chase card not long after coming back to the hobby and it took me 2 years before I could finally own it after doing a trade, shout out to Emma for that, you superstar!

What are your current collection goals?

Charizards! This year I want to own the Shining Zard from Neo Destiny, that’s my top target!

What do you want to see from Pokemon TCG this year?

More stock! Scalping has slowed down as of late, but we need to see more stock of the higher-end items, especially on release! Also, shops could do with the extra help stock wise as Pokemon centre seem to keep most for themselves now or supply the largest stores first, it would be great to see some better allocations for the little guys so to speak!

Subscribe to MattCulli on YouTube and check out his MattCulli store to buy some of the newest TCG products ranging from Pokemon TCG to Digimon Card Game!

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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