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An Online Client is coming to the Digimon TCG!

Bandai has revealed the exciting news that an Online Client is coming to the Digimon TCG. This is news that many players have been waiting for since day one, making the TCG more accessible and providing a more controlled environment for competitive play.

The new Digimon TCG Online Client was announced at the Large Tamer Exchange Party Online Winter 2021, although its official name hasn’t been revealed yet. To start with, this system will be used for official events but Bandai has commented that they will expand after Spring 2022 as a way for people to try out the TCG, for promotional usage and provide a controlled environment for tournaments to be held without the risk of cheating or less obvious misplays. 

Unfortunately, the Online Client is yet have automated features, which means that players will still have to manually remove Battle and Security cards, as well as suspend cards. Visually, it looks like a standard Table Top simulator, only more tailored for the Digimon TCG. The background graphics are a nice touch and the layout doesn’t look cluttered. 

The Digimon TCG Online client will support voice chat so that players can easily communicate their moves during games. This will also be helpful for judges to make rulings during tournaments. This new client will first be used during the upcoming Japan-US vs event, which will make it easier for players of different languages to check their opponent’s card effects. 

Online Client Digimon TCG

It is important to remember that it’s still early days for the client, which will only continue to advance when automated features are eventually added. It will be interesting to see if Bandai chooses to use the client for all areas of the game and not just events. Could we see something similar to the Pokemon TCG Online, where digital codes are included in packs so that players can obtain the cards they have pulled in person? Maybe they will go down the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links route of allowing players to play story modes and earn/buy cards with in-game currency, or gain a quick advantage by spending their real-life money. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links even repackage cards to create new mini sets for players to collect – could this be beneficial to a Digimon TCG online client?  The fact that the game is still only a year old means that it won’t take much work to implement every card that has been released so far, as well as their mechanics for when an automated version is added.  I think an Online client is exactly what a modern TCG needs, especially for those who want to play and test out decks regularly, but don’t always have other players around them. Having an online client always runs the risk of alienating the physical game by making it more convenient. The truth of the matter is, those who enjoy the social aspect and the physical experience of playing will always favour in-person events over playing solely online. This is an aspect that cannot be replicated in an online format, especially if there is no way of communicating with your opponent.

Online Client Digimon TCG

It will be exciting to see where Bandai takes their Online Client and if this will phase out the webcam format we have all become accustomed to during the last year as a result of the pandemic. To learn more about upcoming Digimon tournament events, or the incredible prize cards up for grabs, check out our links below – 

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