Are Premium Packs better than Booster Boxes?

The first Digimon TCG Premium Packs have been released. These packs are a fantastic way to get four boosters in one purchase and a nice little bonus in the form of two sealed cards. Although there is an obvious size difference between a booster box and a much smaller Premium Pack, in this article, we discuss their pros and cons and determine whether they are better than booster boxes in terms of value and pull rate. 

Disclaimer – The prices mentioned in this article reflect the UK market, converted to US currency.

The price –

Premium packs, containing two packs of Special Booster 1.0 and Special Booster 1.5, cost £15.99 ($22.60). This works out at the same price as four single booster packs, which cost £3.99 ($6.00) each. The benefit of getting your packs through the Premium Pack, however, is that you get two sealed alternate art RizeGreymon cards. These cards are technically not promo cards as they do not have the ‘P’ marking or the ‘NOT FOR SALE’ text.

When it comes to booster boxes, their RRP is around £89.99 ($127), which means that each pack costs around £3.70 ($5.20). This means that to obtain the same amount of booster packs that come in a booster box (24), you would have to buy 6 Premium Packs costing £95.94 ($135.50). The downside of doing it this way is obviously having to pay a little extra, as well as losing out on the Dash Packs and Box Toppers that would have come with the booster box. A benefit of buying packs this way, however, is that you get 12 packs of Special Booster 1.0 and 12 packs of Special Booster 1.5. This means that you would have the opportunity to pull any card from BT1- BT3, although the pull rate of any specific card would be technically lower, as you would have fewer packs of the card’s booster to open.

For some stores, the prices of booster boxes have been rising as a response to lack of availability, brought on by an increased interest in the Digimon TCG and distribution issues. This means that they are selling for upward of £115 ($162.50), making it much cheaper to buy 6 Premium Packs. 

The ‘Extra’ Cards/Packs –

If you did buy multiple Premium Packs to match the number of boosters found inside of a booster box, then you would receive 12 RizeGreymon cards. Even If you were looking for a playset of this card, you would still have 8 of them leftover. Although this might not sound that great, it does offer you some trade/sale material. When it comes to booster boxes, you get far more variation with the ‘extra’ cards you could receive, as there are multiple cards to collect from the Dash Packs and Box Toppers. 

Digimon TCG Premium Packs

The booster packs – 

Because each Premium Pack has two of each type of booster pack in them, they are ideal for people new to the game or those who still have a lot of cards to collect from both sets. For those who don’t really need cards from a specific set, the Premium Pack definitely won’t be as appealing as you will be left with two packs you didn’t really want. 

Availability – 

Although reprints are currently on the market, there have been long periods where booster boxes are completely unavailable, creating an expensive secondary market with prices that people are just not comfortable paying. When it comes to Premium Packs, however, stock levels are still incredibly high. If the low availability of boosters happens again, or Bandai decides to stop reprinting the older boosters, then Premium Packs may also become in high demand.

Digimon TCG Premium Packs

Affordability – 

Digimon TCG fans come from all walks of life, with varying levels of responsibilities and financial statuses. This means that not everyone has the disposable income to spend on an entire booster box. Digimon TCG Premium Packs are a more affordable way for people to get their hands on several packs and get a couple of sealed bonus cards, just like the Box Toppers and Dash Packs of a booster box. This makes things fairer for those wanting to spend a little less on the TCG but still receive a nice bonus. Unfortunately, RizeGreymon is the only card that comes with a Premium Pack. If there were a set of similar alt art cards that came with this product, then it would certainly sweeten the deal and encourage more people to buy them. 

Pull Rate –

In a Premium Pack, you get at least one Super Rare (SR) on average, with no guarantee of pulling a Secret Rare (SEC). In Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5, It is believed that the pull rate for a Super Rare is 7 per box and 2 for Secret Rares. This means that if you purchase 6 Premium boxes to get the same amount of packs as a booster box, you will, on average, pull 6 Super Rares overall, which would be 1 less than a booster box. Also, the pull rate of a booster box states you will get 2 Secret Rares, while the Premium Packs don’t come with any guarantees. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pull Secret Rares from Premium Packs, but it could be more difficult. It’s worth noting that if you were hoping to pull a specific Super Rare or Secret Rare card from a particular set within your Premium Packs, then the chances of pulling it will be lowered, as you only get two booster packs from each set. 

The Digimon TCG Premium Pack was released just in time for the Great Legend booster to arrive on June 11th. This will allow people to obtain a few more 1.0 and 1.5 packs before concentrating on the latest set. Premium Packs also act as a fantastic catch-up opportunity for those new to the game and offers a more affordable option to those who don’t wish to buy an entire booster box. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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