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Bandai Announce $1000+ Cash Prize Event!

Bandai has announced their Digi-Showdown events, which will be the very first cash prize events of their kind. Digi-Showdown will be a regularly streamed event that will allow players to test their skills against the ‘Champions’, who will also get the chance of earning $1000 per victory. 

How will Digi-Showdown work? 

n participants, selected from players who sign up for the event, will be divided into groups of five to battle it out over webcam matches. These matches will be streamed via the Bandai YouTube channel, and will see the participants take on one of the appointed Champions. What makes these events exciting is that players will be playing for real money, with Champions increasing their pay pool by winning multiple games. Those who manage to win against the Champion will instantly win cash prizes, starting from $1000, and could potentially become a champion themselves in the future. 


Each of the matches will be best-of-one format, which means players will only have one chance to win the cash prize. This is the first time that Bandai has offered cash prizes in the Digimon TCG, with no word on whether the DBS CG will get the same treatment. Those who don’t win their match, however, will walk away with absolutely nothing. If all challengers win, however, everyone will receive an extra $1000, giving them a total of $2000 each

For every game the Champion wins, their prize is increased. One win will earn them $1000, two will earn $2000, three will earn $3000, four will earn $4000, and five will award them a massive $10000!

How to enter – 

The application period for the Digi-Showdown event will be held between October 22nd and October 28th. Unfortunately, Digi-Showdown will only be available to players in the United States, although Bandai has mentioned that they are looking to increase the regions for participating players. It is also important to know that unofficial deck protectors, playmats and memory gauges won’t be allowed. 

The pre-event for Digi-Showdown will air sometime in November, with two Champions being announced in December. This will be a tournament format, with the top two players earning the title of Champion and winning $2000 each. The regular format for Digi-Showdown will stream in February, although the dates are yet to be confirmed. 


In the past couple of years, competitive players in TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh and the DBS CG have complained that there should be cash prizes for tournaments, not only as an incentive to enter but to offer a chance of recouping the money put into a deck. Cash prizes have been part of the E-Sports community for years – could this mean we will see sponsorships and large cash prizes coming to other competitive Digimon TCG events in the future? 

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