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Bandai announces the Once Piece Card Game

Bandai, the creators of the Digimon CG and the Dragon Ball Super CG, have announced their third sister game based on the swashbuckling Once Piece manga/anime. The release of this brand new TCG coincides with the 25th anniversary of the series and was announced during a short trailer that gave very little away about how the game will look and play, although we do have some interesting information about the first set and starter decks. 

One Piece Card Game

The official website also gives very little away, although we have seen the first official card which is fittingly the series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. The first booster set in the One Piece Card Game will be called  Romance Dawn and will include 12 cards per pack.

One Piece Romance Dawn

On release, four starter decks will be available – Straw Hat Crew, Worst Generation, Animal Kingdom Pirates and The Seven Warlords of the Sea. Another starter deck is scheduled which is yet to get a name or box art, although we do know it features characters from the ‘Once Piece Film’. This could be the upcoming One Piece Film: Red, set to be released on August 6th, 2022.

One Piece Romance Dawn

The creator and manga artist of One Piece,  Eiichiro Oda, shared his thoughts over on the official website, expressing his excitement for the release of the Card Game. He also drew a little doodle to accompany it, jokingly showing the game like another popular anime series – 

“A new Trading Card Game is on the way!!! I don’t know much about card games but this is something like Yu-Gi-Oh! right? They jump out from the cards, yeah?!! I heard they’re gonna use illustrations from the original work and release it worldwide. They’re really going all out and I’ll see it through ‘til the end!! Let’s go, One Piece Card Game!! I can’t wait! – They don’t actually jump out from the cards, phew!” 

One Piece holds the record as the best selling manga and comic series (printed in volume) ever. With such an incredibly rich history, larger than life characters and a huge fan base, it is likely that the One Piece TCG will receive the same worldwide popularity as the Dragon Ball Super CG and Digimon CG. The question is, does it have the potential to grow even larger in terms of collectors and players? Only time will tell. The One Piece Card Game will first release in Japan in June, with a worldwide release following shortly after within 2022. 

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