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Battle of Omni – Alternate Art Cards

As the name of the set implies, fans of the Digimon TCG will be seeing a lot more of Omnimon this set. This is certainly the case with the Alternate Art cards of the set, with some even receiving multiple different appearances! In this article, we will share with you our favourite alt arts of the set, including a couple of non-Omnimon cards. 


The artwork on the alternate art ChaosGallantmon is one of the most impressive we have seen so far in the Digimon TCG, with the watercolour style giving it an almost traditional Japanese look. 

The Digivolution effect of this card can keep your opponent grounded, as you can delete a level 5 or lower Digimon before they Digivolve further by trashing one of the cards under this card. If one of your other Digimon gets deleted, you can play a level 3 purple Digimon from the trash. 

Omnimon X antibody

Just in time for the Digimon Classic Collection, the artwork for this alternate art ‘Omnimon X antibody’ is a direct reference to the Japanese exclusive Hyper Colosseum game. This card can get an early Digivolve for just 3 memory if you use another Omnimon card. When attacking, this card can delete a Digimon with less or equal DP to Omnimon X antibody, which means that it could attack and delete one Digimon while taking out another (regardless if it is suspended or not). This card also has a fantastic negate attack ability, requiring you to trash 2 of this card’s Digivolution chain.


The Alternate Art version of this card shows a closer look at this ferocious Digimon as he charges his Destiny Destroyer attack. In game, you can play Armageddemon for just 3 cost, and when deleting a Diaboromon from your side of the field, it also gets rush, allowing it to attack straight away. 

Omnimon Zwart D

The card art of Omnimon Zwart D is dark and apocalyptic – perfect for this infected Digimon. As the virus ravages its body, you can see where he has had to patch up his two zombified arms with belts, struggling to stay in one piece. 

Usually, if one of your higher level Digimon ends up in the security, it feels like a waste. Well, with Omnimon Zwart D, If this card happens to be in your security, it can be played without paying the memory cost. When he is played, you can delete one of your opponent’s Tamers and when it is deleted, it takes an opponent’s Digimon down with it. 

Omnimon Zwart

The side profile of the Alternate Art Omnimon Zwart, in the midst of battle, is incredibly epic and has effects to match. When Omnimon Zwart comes into play, he doesn’t come alone. If you trash the top 3 cards from your deck, you can play 2 purple or black Digimon with a play cost of 8 or less without paying the memory cost. What is more, when this Digimon attacks, you can return a level 6 Digimon card from its Digivolution chain to delete an unsuspended Digimon with a play cost of 12 or less, to the despair of your opponent. 

This card connects to the ChaosGallantmon previously seen in this article, making one large battle scene.

Omnimon Alternate Art
Omnimon Alternate Art


Although we have had lots of Omnimon cards up until now, this alternate art version is one of the most original looking, focusing on the MetalGarurumon arm of the fused Digimon. When Digivolving, Omnimon unsuspends, allowing it to attack even if you have already attacked with the previous Digivolution. This card has excellent protection against being trashed or returned to the hand, with an effect that lets you trash a card in its Digivolution chain to keep it on the field. 

This version of Omnimon actually has a staggering four different variations, all portraying him in different battle stances. After Battle of Omni is released, there will be 17 versions of Omnimon overall, including the Zwart, Anti-Body and Defeat variations, as well as the Evolution Cup prize.

Omnimon Alternate Art

Although that may sound like a lot, after Battle of Omni, Bandai will be taking a break from including high numbers of Omnimon in their sets. In the Double Diamond booster, coming after Battle of Omni, there will only be one new version which will be a white coloured parallel. This card is set to become the rarest in the entire game, as the pull rate will be the lowest seen so far in the entire Digimon TCG. To learn more about it, click here

The Battle of Omni booster will release on August 6th for most places, except for the UK, which will receive the set on August 13th due to delays. To learn more about the other cards coming with this new set, head over to one of our other articles below – 

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Digimon World references in Battle of Omni

Please note that the images used in this article are from and may look slightly different to the final English card design. To keep up to date with all Battle of Omni updates, as well as other Digimon TCG news, follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram or Facebook and follow us there. 

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