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Battle of Omni Delayed in UK

Over the weekend, Bandai announced that UK Digimon TCG fans should expect delays. The original release date was marked for August 6th, but due to shipping delays by Asmodee, the new UK pre-release period will begin August 13th, with the set officially coming out on August 20th. 

For the rest of the world, the July 30th pre-release and August 6th release still remains, although those dates are subject to change if other distributors have similar issues in the coming weeks.

Battle of Omni UK Delay

Just like the other sets in the Digimon TCG, Battle of Omni Pre-Release packs will be given to those participating at events. The packs will contain two cards per pack with 56 cards to collect in total. Each person will also receive a Kimeramon, while the overall winner of the event will receive a silver foil parallel alt art AeroVeedramon, which is the only top prize card up for grabs. 

Battle of Omni UK Delay

The Battle of Omni pre-release tournaments will follow the ‘Sealed Format’, which means that players can only make decks from the cards pulled from the Battle of Omni booster packs. Tournaments will be held in North America, Europe, France, Italy, Oceania and Latin America, although Bandai has warned hosts about abiding to Covid-19 restrictions and being mindful of the well-being of participants.

For stores that cannot hold events, Bandai has said that the Pre-Release booster packs and prize cards can be given out as a purchase incentive when spending more money than the tournament entry fee. 

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