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Battle of Omni First English Previews

Last week, Bandai shared the first English Battle of Omni cards that will be entering the Digimon TCG with the next set. These cards will inject some incredible new art into the game, as well as some game-changing keyword skills and Effects. 


Not many Digimon can pull off a yoyo made of thorns as a weapon, but ‘BanchoLillymon’ certainly can. Her Effect will ruin the plans of those hoping to recycle their trashed Digimon by sending it to the bottom of the deck instead. Many of the uncommon cards are full arts in the Battle of Omni set, which adds so much to their appearance. 


A card that is really utilising the new Digi-Burst Effect, ‘Rafflesimon’ can not only power up your other Digimon by +2000 DP for the turn but also prevents your opponent from attacking or blocking with one of their Digimon next turn. 


‘Rosemon’ is no stranger to the Digimon TCG, but the latest card coming with the Battle of Omni set is by far the most impressive when it comes to artwork and Playability. Working with other Digi-Burst cards like ‘Rafflesimon’, ‘Rosemon’ gives Security Attack +1 to all cards with the keyword, which could be a nice finishing play.  

MetalGreymon: Alterous Mode

MetalGreymon is a fan favourite that has made multiple appearances so far in the Digimon TCG. In the ‘MetalGreymon: Alterous Mode’ card, the cyborg dinosaur has had his right arm converted to machine also, giving him even more raw power. This card will be a much-welcomed addition to Omnimon and Greymon Digivolution focused decks.


The new WarGreymon not only packs a nice 11 000 DP, but also picks off lower DP Digimon when attacking, which prevents your opponent from building up their Digivolutions even when they are unsuspended. 


There are currently 9 Level 3 Agumon cards in the English game, with a 10th coming with the Battle of Omni booster set. This time around, however, it has a fantastic search mechanic for ‘Greymon’ and ‘Omnimon’ oriented decks. 


If this Greymon is one of the cards Agumon helps you find, then it will ultimately help you Digivolve for just 1 memory, as you gain a memory for using Agumon. This card can be used to Digivolve into WarGreymon, giving it the Inherited Effect of gaining +2000 DP. 

Supreme Cannon & Transcendent Sword

As the Battle of Omni booster name gives away, we will be seeing more Omnimon themed cards added to the Digimon TCG. Two of the most interesting cards are ‘Supreme Cannon’ and ‘Transcendent Sword’, which are different coloured cards with connecting artwork. This makes sense as Omnimon can be used in both Red and Yellow decks. 


Speaking of Omnimon, this one comes with the new Blitz keyword, which allows it to attack as soon as it Digivolves if your opponent only has 1 Security left. As it also unsuspends as soon as it Digivolves, you will be able to get two attacks off. This could finish the game unless the attacks can be blocked. 

Omnimon Zwart

For the first time in the English game, the infected counterpart of Omnimon, ‘Omnimon Zwart’, enters the game. This time around, this Digimon is for Purple and Black players, which allows you to play two level 8 or lower Digimon from your trash, which could put your opponent in a world of pain if the right cards are played. 

The Battle of Omni pre-release period begins worldwide on July 30th, the same day that the Classic Collection launches in Japan. This new set will bring back the iconic artwork from the Hyper Colosseum and Digi-Battle card games from the past. 

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming booster set, Battle of Omni, check out our article – Digimon TCG: Battle of Omni Secret Rares.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media


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