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Battle of Omni – Pre-Release event announced

Now that the Great Legend booster has been out for a number of weeks, we turn our sights to the Battle of Omni set, which will release in the English version of the Digimon TCG on August 6th. As is usually expected with Bandai TCGs, there will be a pre-release period where stores will allow players to get stuck in and compete with cards from this new set. 

The Cards – 

The Battle of Omni Pre-Release Packs will be similar to previous ones, providing two cards per pack with 56 cards to collect in total. Participants of the events will also receive a Kimeramon alternate card. The winner of the event will receive a Silver foil parallel alt art AeroVeedramon, which is the only top prize card up for grabs. 

Battle of Omni Pre-Release

The tournaments will follow the ‘Sealed Format’ rules, which means that a player must make a deck with the cards pulled from the Battle of Omni booster packs at the event. Tournaments will be held in North America, Europe, France, Italy, Oceania and Latin America, although Bandai has issued a warning about Covid restrictions and stores being mindful of the well being of the participants. 

For stores that cannot hold events, Bandai has said that the Pre-Release booster packs and prize cards can be given out as a purchase incentive when spending more money than the tournament entry fee. 

The Pre-Release events will run between July 30th and August 5th of this year, beginning one week before the official release of the Battle of Omni booster set. To learn more about the fantastic cards coming in this set, click on one of the articles below: 

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