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Beckett Black Label ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ sells for record $90,000!

On June 14th, PWCC Marketplace revealed that they assisted in the sale of a Beckett Black Label Pristine 10 ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’, which sold for a staggering $90,000. 

Although the DBS CG is still a young game, only releasing in July 2017, the value of certain cards have skyrocketed to eyewatering levels. In recent months, the true value of ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ has been up for debate within the DBS CG community. Now, with the record-breaking sale, it seems that this sought after SCR has secured its position as one of the most valuable cards in the TCG when achieving its highest possible grades. 

Son Goku, The Awakened Power

Since its release in the first themed booster set, Tournament of Power, ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ has become one of the most popular cards in the DBS CG. This is not only because of its playability, which essentially becomes an instant win like Exodia from Yu-Gi-Oh!, but also for its SCR rarity. The print run for the Tournament of Power booster set was very low compared to later sets as the game was still growing and was nowhere near as popular as it is today. Now that this booster is long out of print, trying to purchase a sealed box will currently cost you anywhere between $5500 and $6500. This price also reflects the cards that can be potentially pulled, which include the first four Signature Cards.

Difference between PSA 10 and a BGS Black Label 10

When people think of TCG grading, PSA will most likely come to mind. When a card is sent to the service, the quality is graded from 1 – 10. Those that achieve the highly sought after PSA 10 are also described as being ‘Gem Mint’ quality. Beckett, known as BGS, is another top grading service that offers subgrades on the centring, edges, surface and corner quality of a card, with the average total becoming the overall grade. When all of the subgrades are marked as 10s, however, the card is graded as an elusive Black Label BGS 10, a fete that is incredibly difficult for any card to achieve. 

To put in perspective the difference between a PSA 10 and a BSA 10 Black Label card, as of writing this article, there are currently 311 PSA 10s (the best grade you can get with the service) out of its 468 population. The Beckett population is much lower at 241, with 47 being graded as BGS 10s and just 2 achieving the Black Label status. It is the incredible rarity of the Black Label and the pristine condition of the card that has merited the $90,000 price tag of the recent sale. 

Beckett Black Label Son Goku
Source (@tcg.bob_)
Beckett Black Label Son Goku

The last PSA 10 ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ to sell on PWCC Marketplace sold for $6000 on July 14th, which means that in theory, you could buy 15 PSA 10 copies of this card for the price of one Beckett Black Label. This should give you an insight into how the Black Label is regarded within the DBS CG community and how its population of 2 greatly increases its value.

Interestingly, this very same card was sold via PWCC in February 2020 for $5,600. Although there is limited sales data for this card between then and now, it does mean that this individual card has increased in value by a whopping $84,600 in just over a year. 

Will the backlog affect value? 

Following in the footsteps of PSA, on June 7th, Beckett announced that they would be suspending most of their services so that they could deal with the massive backlog of submissions they received throughout 2020. This means that there are potentially other Black Label BGS 10s waiting to be graded and entered into the registry. If this is the case, will the value of the Black Label ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ be affected, as there will no longer be just two in existence? 

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