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Beckett Grading announces temporary service suspension

Beckett Service Suspension

Beckett Grading has announced the suspension of the majority of its services from June 7th onwards following in the footsteps of their largest competitor PSA.

PSA originally announced in April that they would not be accepting cards outside of their highest tiers up until July 1st, 2021. This closure to help with processing cards and clearing the backlog from a huge influx in cards throughout 2020 has led to collectors using different services.

Beckett has now had to follow suit as they can’t keep up with this newfound demand. In a statement focused on their plans for the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention, Beckett Collectibles President Jeromy Murray announced the closure.

“All orders that are submitted (after June 7th) under the Express, Standard, and Economy level will be returned to the customer, ungraded,”

 “The reason behind this decision is simply to allow us to focus on the growing backlog we have and to get as many cards back to customers as possible, before the National. This is not ideal for anyone but something our competition has done.”

That means Beckett’s lowest grading service now available after the suspension is the Premium service which costs $250 per card and $150 without subgrades. 

Their bulk orders are currently sitting around an 8-month turnaround and therefore the decision to close further submissions will be seen as a way to reduce turnaround and provide better service to customers.

As of their last customer update, PSA announced that they had made huge strides with their backlog and were on track for every card submitted to be on their system by the end of May. This is a huge step moving forward with the company looking to reopen submissions in July.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief


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