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First Edition Booster Box & Prototype Blastoise – World-Record Sales

Prototype Blastoise Sale

A First Edition Base Set Booster Box sold for a world-record fee of $408,000 last night at Heritage Auctions.

The sealed English booster box from 1999 had previously sold for $360,000 in November of last year, making this sale the largest of all time. 

First Edition Base Booster Box

In the same lot, a Prototype Blastoise from 1998 sold for $360,000 becoming the most expensive card of its kind. The “Protostoise” is one of two copies in the world and the first English Pokémon card in existence. This original artwork by Ken Sugimori 

Prototype Blastoise Protostoise

Wizards of the Coast commissioned Cartamundi to print two of these cards to be used as “Presentation” pieces to seek Nintendo’s approval to begin printing Pokémon cards in English, this explains the Magic The Gathering card stock used. The artwork is by Ken Sugimori and the card had been graded NM/Mint+ 8.5 by CGC

These sales showcase the sustained growth in Pokémon TCG and high-value items in particular. “Protostoise” is an incredible piece of Pokémon history that we may never see on auction again.

We had previously reported the Charizard First Edition PSA 10 aiming to beat the previous record of $369,000, this sold for $300,000 coming just short of the record.

Will we see more prototype Pokémon products now that the Blastoise has cemented the value of such items? Where is the ceiling for sealed First Edition Base Set boosters? I guess only time will tell. 

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor

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