Brand new Digimon that have entered the TCG – Part 2

The Digimon franchise has an incredibly rich history that spans three decades, with brand new Digimon being introduced all the time within anime, manga and the video game series. With the rising popularity of the rebooted series, more new Digimon have been introduced into the Digimon Card Game in the last couple of years, in this article we take a look. If you haven’t seen the first part of this article, you can catch up here

Disclaimer – The images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

Namekemon, Climbmon, Frozomon & Hiyarimon

Namekemon, Climbmon, Frozomon and Hiyarimon are brand new Digimon that were created for the Vital Bracelet. They were only officially registered in the reference book in 2021 and will make their TCG debut in the New Hero booster set which is expected around April of this year. 

new Digimon Card Game cards
new Digimon Card Game cards

Pistmon & Shivamon

Pistmon and Shivamon are more Digimon belonging to the versatile and varied Pulsemon line, which were also introduced in 2020 for the Vital Bracelet. To learn more about other Digimon belonging to this line, check out our article here

new Digimon Card Game cards

Nidhoggmon, Parasaurmon, Rebellimon & Pomumon

Nidhoggmon was included in the Great Legend Booster following its anime debut in episode 16 of the rebooted Digimon Adventure series, while Parasaurmon, Pomumon and Rebellimon came to the Digimon Card Game with the Double Diamond booster and the Great Legend booster. 

new Digimon Card Game cards

Piranimon, Regalecusmon, Sangomon & Sunarizamon

Piranimon, Regalecusmon, Sangomon and Sunarizamon were first introduced with the latest handheld Digimon virtual pet game, Digimon Pendulum Z. Despite only being around since June 2020, these Digimon already has cards included in the Great Legend booster, with  Sunarizamon also coming as a Power Up Pack promo. 

new Digimon Card Game cards
new Digimon Card Game cards
new Digimon Card Game cards

Tobiumon, Toropiamon & FrosVelgrmon

More Digimon that debuted with the Digimon Pendulum Z virtual pet and also coming with the Great Legend booster is Tobiumon, who continued the line of sinister aquatic Digimon. Toropiamon also appeared in the new handheld game launched in Japan, with its colourful card appearing in Double Diamond. FrosVelgrmon is one of the latest virtual pet Digimon to enter the TCG, with its first version coming with the New Hero set. 

new Digimon Card Game cards

WereGarurumon: Sagittarius Mode

In the first part of this article we covered the new MetalGreymon form, MetalGreymon: Alterous Mode, which appeared in Digimon 2020 series. Now, we take a look at the WereGarurumon: Sagittarius Mode card that also came with the Battle of Omni booster. 

new Digimon Card Game cards

The Ghost Game Digimon – 

Despite the Ghost Game anime series only beginning last October, the main Digimon companions have already made it into the Digimon TCG in the form of promo cards. These cards include Angoramon, Jellymon and Gammamon. Gurimon, the baby form of Gammamon, will also make an appearance in the New Hero set alongside its rookie form, BetelGammamon and KausGammamon.

new Digimon Card Game cards
new Digimon Card Game cards

A Digimon we would like to see enter the TCG – 

Another official Digimon to enter the registry is Aequcedramon, which is one of five Digimon created as part of the Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Story project. This Digimon was thought up by Twitter user @sho3411 and was illustrated by renowned Digimon artist Kenji Watanabe. Although this Digimon is yet to enter the TCG, it would be exciting to see more of Kenji’s work bringing this Digimon to life. If you would like to learn more about this illustrator, you can check out our article here.

The Digimon Card Game has already grown incredibly popular, despite only being a year old. It will be interesting to see what brand new Digimon will be created for the franchise in the near future and how their cards will affect the TCG. 

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