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Brilliant Stars full set list revealed! All Secret rares + Trainer Gallery with images!

Brilliant Stars Set

The official set list of Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars, the latest English Pokemon TCG expansion which releases on February 25th has been revealed online. Brilliant Stars pre-release launches this weekend on Saturday 11th so expect to see further images of the cards very shortly!

We’ve compiled the setlist using the image of the setlist that has circulated online alongside their respective cards from Star Birth, VMAX Climax, and Starter Deck 100. We will update the cards with English versions as they appear online!

Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars will also include a 30 card subset called the Trainer Gallery (TG). These cards will include Character Rares and Character Super Rares from Japan’s VMAX Climax.

To keep up to date with all Pokemon TCG information and more set info for Brilliant Stars in the lead up to its February 25th release, follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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