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Brutal Dragon Ball Moments that deserve a DBS CG card

The card art of the DBS CG captures iconic moments from every Dragon Ball series, sometimes reimagined with modern or artistic art styles. These illustrations are often reflected in the text of the card, with effects that tie in with the artwork. Although we have seen a lot of epic moments captured in DBS CG cards, there are some that are too brutal for Bandai to print.

Frieza gets chopped up by his own attack

The culmination of Goku’s battle against Frieza is arguably the most iconic of Dragon Ball Z, with Frieza ending up in pieces following a misguided Destructo Disk. We have seen artwork within the DBS CG that captures the moment Trunks slices Frieza in half in ‘Frieza, Revenge in Motion’, but the first time he got cut down to size definitely deserves its own card. 

Brutal Dragon Ball Moments

Beerus uses  hakai on Zamasu

To stop Zamasu’s plan to kill his master Gowasu and performing a lot of time manipulation, Beerus is forced to use his hakai attack, which literally erases Zamasu from existence, including his soul. In the Dragon Ball series, you can live in the Other World after you die, which means Beerus’ punishment is among the most brutal in the entire franchise. This could make for a good Extra card where a card is removed from the game entirely. 

Cell absorbs Gingertown 

Cell might have hidden in the shadows for years, but when he decided it was time to step forward, he definitely entered with a bang. Craving power, Cell first embarked on Gingertown, absorbing everyone in the entire city, only leaving their clothes behind. At one point, he grabs hold of the richest man in Gingertown, who offers to pay him off. Cell, not needing money, stabs his tail into his victim and absorbs him. This artwork could look fantastic with a full art Cell reprint of ‘Growing Evil Lifeform Cell’, or a new Cell card introduced as android support.

Brutal Dragon Ball Moments

Videl Vs Spopovich

For a normal human, Videl could definitely hold her own in a fight. When she stepped into the ring with an unstoppable Majin Spopovich, however, things turned very bad. At first, Videl was beating the colossal fighter, as seen in ‘Videl, With All Her Strength’, even twisting his neck around. Eventually, she became exhausted as Spopovich refused to drop, which resulted in one of the most brutal beatings ever seen in the Dragon Ball franchise. Luckily, she survived the ordeal and sprang back up after a senzu bean, which is captured in the ‘Videl, Gohan’s Partner’ card. 

Brutal Dragon Ball Moments

Spopovich blows up

Spopovich did get his just deserts later on after Babidi decided they were no longer of use. In this scene, we literally see the character blow up like a human balloon. Maybe the evil wizard’s deadly powers could be worked into Agents of Destruction support that was introduced back with the Destroyer Kingsbooster set. 

Super 17 kills Krillin

For a character who has died five times throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, Krillin has gotten off well with only having a hand full of cards capturing his death, within ‘Human Shield Krillin’ and ‘Attack of the Demon Clan’. Although there are several deaths to choose from that could make for interesting card art, one of the most brutal is when Super 17 kills him in front of his family. We have seen the moments running up to this death in ‘Krillin, the Brawler’ and ‘Negotiator Krillin’, so a final card would complete the scene. 

Android 16’s head gets stomped on 

If it wasn’t for Android 16 giving Gohan his words of wisdom before savagely getting his head stomped on, Gohan might not have been able to save the world from Cell with his one-handed Kamehameha as seen in cards such as ‘SS2 Son Gohan, Wounded Victor’ and the ‘Father-Son Kamehameha Goku & Gohan Return’ Leader card.  

Brutal Dragon Ball Moments

Goku Black stabs Vegeta with an energy sword 

The level of gruesome violence has definitely been scaled back from the Dragon Ball Z days, with far less blood being shown. With that being said, when Vegeta faced Goku Black on the battlefield, he ended up getting stabbed through the chest by Black’s energy blade. Luckily it isn’t a fatal blow to his life but seeing the face of Goku best him again must have definitely hurt his ego. We have seen several cards with Black wielding his energy swords and scythe, but are yet to see them in action. 

There are many iconic moments that are yet to be introduced to the DBS CG, which we will hopefully see in the coming years. It’s clear that Bandai is trying to stay away from moments that are too gruesome or violent, but does this mean we will never see them in card form? If you would like to see some other epic Dragon Ball moments that have made it into the TCG, head over to our article – Iconic moments in the DBS CG.

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