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BT11 Dimensional Phase – What we know so far

The latest set in the Digimon Card Game, BT11 Dimensional Phase, has been announced. Although very little is known about this set at the moment, the pack art for this set has been revealed, as well as some details on the cards we can expect in this set.  Dimensional Phase will hit shelves on September 30th in Japan, with fans of the English game having to wait until early 2023 to get their hands on the latest instalment. 

The pack art of BT11 Dimensional Phase was revealed on the latest episode of the Official Japanese Digimon Card Game YouTube channel. Three partially hidden cards that are currently being designed were also shown. These will be alternate art versions of BT2 UlforceVeedramon, EX1 Machinedramon, and ST10 Mastemon, which are believed to be much rarer cards in the league of Ghost Omnimon and Ghost Alphamon, although this is yet to be confirmed. BT11 Dimensional Phase will also include special box promotions that will include Shoutmon X5, UlforceVeedramon, Machinedramon, and Mastemon.

BT11 Dimensional Phase
BT11 Dimensional Phase
BT11 Dimensional Phase

It has been confirmed that BT11 Dimensional Phase will focus on the Digimon World video game titles. In the Digimon World Next Order, there are several Dimensions assigned with specific letters. The EN version will include 10 exclusive box toppers, which will be alt arts of the Digimon voted for by fans of the Digimon Card Game. BT11 Dimensional Phase will include 12 SRs and the usual 3 SEC. 

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