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Card analysis – Hidden Fates Charizard GX SV49

Hidden Fates is known as one of the most successful and most loved modern Pokemon TCG subsets of all time. Now, over two years since its release and a global pandemic that sparked a huge influx in attention onto the Pokemon TCG hobby we’re going to take a look at the most sought-after card from the set: Shiny Charizard GX SV49. 

Hidden Fates was released in August 2019 in English, almost a year after GX Ultra Shiny its Japanese equivalent. The subset quickly became one of the most popular modern-day Pokemon expansions of all time thanks to its focus on Kanto Pokemon alongside a hidden Shiny Vault subset including shiny variants of fan favourite Pokemon. Mewtwo GX, Articuno GX, Umbreon GX, Charizard GX to name a few combined to create a highly collectable expansion perfect for a binder or, in some cases, fantastic cards to slab as an investment opportunity.

Raw Value

Let’s begin by taking a look at the raw value of Shiny Charizard GX, the chase card from the set and a shiny version of Burning Shadow’s rainbow Charizard GX. If you wanted to pick up a near mint copy via eBay in the UK a Charizard GX SV49 would set you back around £220-£250 at the time of writing this article. Alternatively, TCGPlayer shows the current market price for a near-mint copy as $350 (roughly £265). Back in 2019, Ludkins Collectables analysed the card estimating an average sales price of around $380 a month after the release of the set. Obviously, since then the Pokemon TCG landscape has changed drastically with an explosion of interest causing all prices to boom through the roof in 2020. Looking at Hidden Fates cards today after a few reprints over the last 24 months show that Hidden Fates Shiny Vault Charizard GX has settled near to where it began. 

charizard gx sv49

Graded Value

Throughout 2020 and 2021 grading companies have thrived to new levels of never-before-seen demand ultimately leading to the closure of lower-tiered services like PSA’s bulk submission closure in April which is yet to resume. With the huge demand for grading services and the increase in Pokemon prices across the board due to a rise in popularity of collectables throughout the COVID-19 pandemic graded card populations have gone through the roof particularly for modern. In the case of Charizard GX SV49, there are currently 3383 PSA 10s in existence which is an exponential increase from the 700 odd we saw at the start of 2020. With roughly 6000 SV49 cards graded with PSA over 50% are PSA 10s. 

Recent eBay US sales show PSA 10 Charizard GX SV49 selling for anywhere between $600 and $800. In the UK, like most Pokemon products, the card in a PSA 10 sells for around £800 which is equivalent to over $1000. If we take a look back at PSA 10 prices during the height of Pokemon TCG’s popularity in October/November 2020 the prices were almost double in North America with cards selling for over $1500. It’s worth noting that back then there were roughly 1500 PSA 10s meaning that the price has dropped by 50% and the population has increased by 50% highlighting the short term investment risk with modern cards.

For those that collected Pokemon TCG back in 2019, Hidden Fates Shiny Charizard GX was synonymous with the rise in popularity of BGS Black labels for modern Pokemon cards when a BGS Black Label sold for $10,100 at auction. BGS (Beckett Grading Services) is another grading option for Pokemon TCG with an emphasis on subgrades and the chance of obtaining. BGS 10 Black Label (the definition of a perfect card with mint corners, edges, and surface alongside perfect centring). Nowadays that astronomical price has dropped around 30% with recent eBay sales in October for $7400 and $6000 in November (it’s worth noting that eBay does not confirm whether an item has been paid for or not). 

charizard gx sv49

Alongside the price drop, there’s also the increase in population over at BGS affecting the price. As of writing this article 184 of the 2230 Charizard GX SV49 graded with Beckett are Black Label 10s making it difficult to obtain but hardly one of the rarest specimens in existence. 

What next?

So what next for Hidden Fates’ Shiny Vault Charizard GX? After looking at the rise over the last two years in popularity for Pokemon TCG it’s fair to say that the card has held its price very well. Determining the future price of a card or a graded copy is never easy but as far as modern chase cards go Charizard GX SV49 is a fan favourite and the stand out card from many fans’ favourite set. With the Pokemon TCG market cooling off slightly since its peak and hundreds of thousands of cards still waiting to be graded who knows how many more PSA 10 or BGS Black Labels we’ll see enter the fray – If we do, expect these factors to have a big short term impact on modern-day chase cards across the board, including Charizard GX SV49.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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