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Cards to expect From Digimon TCG Classic Collection

Disclaimer: The Agumon card in our graphic is a concept of how we believe the official card will look.

Since its announcement in April, it has been debated whether the upcoming Digimon Classic Collection would be reprints of current cards, sporting the classic artwork, or if they would be entirely new cards. Well, Bandai has put the debate to bed by sharing the first glimpse of the new set. The new MetalGarurumon and Angewomon has the artwork from the Digimon Reference Book, which was also used in the Japan-exclusive ‘Hyper Colosseum’ TCG.  

The Classic Collection will inject new generic support for all colours, as well as specific archetype support for other decks such as Imperialdramon. In fact, it is rumoured that ‘Imperialdramon Fighter Mode’ and ‘Imperialdramon Paladin Mode’ will be making an appearance in this set. 

Digimon TCG Classic Collection

Last month, Bandai shared the Reference Book Artwork that was connected to the Classic Collection announcement. The artwork chosen also happened to be the same images used for a number of iconic Hyper Colosseum and Digi-Battle cards. As the same MetalGarurumon art has been used from Bandai’s original announcement, it is safe to assume the other Digimon from the post will also appear in their classic looking style. 

This means that we will see the following cards have a Digimon TCG upgrade, only with cleaner images and updated backgrounds.

Digimon TCG Classic Collection

It is incredibly likely that WarGreymon and WereGarurumon will make an appearance in this set. As it is the current protocol of the Digimon TCG to have a Secret Rare or alt art on the booster box, it is likely that WarGreymon will be a chase card in terms of rarity.

We have already seen many direct references to Hyper Colosseum in the Digimon TCG, including the alternate art MetalGreymon and Omnimon from Special booster 1.0. The next booster releasing in the English version of the Digimon TCG, Battle of Omni, will borrow the iconic artwork of the Omnimon X Anti-body. 

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