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Cards to look out for in Double Diamond

The next English set for the Digimon TCG will be Double Diamond, which launched in Japan way back in May. This set will not only introduce brand new mechanics, such as the ‘Decoy’ keyword skill, but will inject a number of cards that will become highly sought after by collectors and players going into the next stage of the TCG. 

To see how the market for Double Diamond is looking during the pre-release period, check out our article here.

BeelStarmon (SEC)

It’s safe to say that BeelStarmon is popular among fans, as is its male counterpart, Beelzemon. In fact, the Beelzemon SEC was among the most popular of the Special Booster 1.0, especially its Alternate Art version.

The artwork of the standard version of this card is definitely provocative, which will no doubt help with its popularity. This was seen with Lilithmon, whose appearance and playability helped it climb high in the market during the early days of the TCG. 

BeelStarmon’s cost can be reduced, depending on how many ‘Three Musketeer’ and 7-cost Option Cards are in the trash.  Also, when this card is played, you can take a 7-cost Option Card from your trash and play it for free. These effects make it a very good choice for Purple decks.

Double Diamond


Alphamon will bring some well-welcomed support to Royal Knight and X-Antibody Digimon, ultimately stopping all attacks on your opponent’s turn if it was in the Security stack. Also, having this card sent to your hand afterwards will give you a powerful level 6 Digimon. What is more, this card can increase its DP, depending on how much memory you are willing to spend! This card will no doubt see a lot of play and will have a value to reflect this. 

Double Diamond

Paired Tamer Cards

The Double Diamond set will introduce more paired Tamers. These include ‘T.K. Takaishi & Kari Kamiya’, ‘Izzy Izumi & Joe Kido’ and ‘Sora Takenouchi & Mimi Tachikawa’. Tamer cards tend to be the most valuable of any set’s Rare cards, and these will be no different. 

Each of these cards has effects that help deck mechanics of the colour they belong to. For example, ‘T.K. Takaishi & Kari Kamiya’ can allow you to reduce the DP of an enemy Digimon, which is the main strategy of the Heaven’s Yellow starter deck. 

The art of these cards are special also, showing the grown-up version of the original Tamers. This is quite fitting as the Digimon TCG will be shifting the focus from the original Digidestined from this set onwards. 

Double Diamond

Agumon-The Bond of Courage & Gabumon-Friendship Bonds

These two cards show Agumon and Gabumon like never before. These forms were seen in the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie released in 2020, which was intended to be the final farewell to the original Digimon Adventure series.

The subject matter, artwork, rarity and playability ticks all the boxes for Digimon TCG fans and will no doubt become some of the more valuable cards of the set.

Double Diamond

SkullGreymon Alt Art 

The alt art Super Rare SkullGreymon looks terrifying and incredibly cool. In true Sasasi fashion, the illustrator has done a great job of including impeccable detailing which weaves a narrative within the artwork. 

SkullGreymon’s effects are very fitting for the Virus type Digimon. When it is trashed from your hand, you can send it to your Digimon’s Digivolution chain, giving it the inherited Retaliation effect. This allows you to take an enemy Digimon down with yours after losing a battle. 

Omnimon Parallel

The Double Diamond booster will include an alternate art version of Omnimon BT1-084, with most of its colour stripped. This card is considered part of the 1st anniversary of the Digimon TCG, which may explain its incredible rarity. In fact, the pull rate of the Japanese version of this card is believed to be a 1 in 3 carton chance, although others claim it could be closer to a 1 in 25 carton chance. To put this into context, because a carton contains 12 booster packs, the pull rate would work out to be a 1 in 300 booster box chance! Of course, this is yet to be proved. 

In early August, the first graded Japanese Omnimon Parallel came onto the market. This card was a BGS 9 and came with an asking price of $5,550. Although it is unknown what the final sale price of that card was, raw copies are listed for between $2500 and $4000. English cards always achieve higher values than the Japanese ones, which could mean Omnimon Parallel could become the rarest and most valuable Digimon TCG card to date. To learn about the most valuable cards prior to the release of the Double Diamond booster, head over to our article here

The Double Diamond booster will release on October 15th, with Box Toppers and Promo Packs coming with sealed booster boxes. To learn more, head over to our article here

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