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Pokemon TCG: Celebrations: Let the good times roll!

With Pokemon TCG: Celebrations finally hitting shelves last Friday, the 25th anniversary the Pokemon TCG party is well and truly underway. Depending on where you live in the world, your experience with this launch will be riddled with scalpers buying trollies of products or readily available products in local game stores. Whatever the situation, it’s clear that Pokemon TCG: Celebrations is a massive thank you to fans old and new highlighting everything good and bad about collecting Pokemon TCG.

As I write this article, I just want to emphasise that I understand in some parts of the world there are shortages of products due to bulk buying. Whilst this is far from ideal, I do believe that this set will be heavily printed in the same fashion as Shining Fates leading to those that want to open packs for their collection being able to do so. At the time of writing, single prices for the cards in Pokemon TCG: Celebrations and its Classic Collection are all below the £100 mark which is brilliant to see for those of us wanting to “Catch ’em all”. 

Throughout the weekend, I was lucky enough to find products readily available throughout the large city I live in (UK) and I’m happy to say that after just over 60 packs I need one more card to complete my master set. After spending the weekend opening Celebrations I had a feeling that I’ve not had in a long time with Pokemon TCG: the joy of opening a fun product without any stress of getting a card worth a certain value.

If you wanted to buy a full master set it would be fairly reasonably priced. That being said, I firmly believe that this ode to OG Pokemon collecting and fans of the franchise is aimed at making you want to open packs without any regret thanks to the amazingly high pull rates and lack of difficult chase cards. A great example of this is the full art modernisation of Mitsuhiro Arita’s Base Set Pikachu which was a fan favourite when initially revealed. This card alone could be a huge chase card in any modern Pokemon set, yet TPCI decided to make it so common that prices have dropped to under £2 already. In my opinion, this is a huge thank you to players and collectors alike highlighting the magic of opening Pokemon cards with the people you love. 

Pokemon Celebrations

Spending time on social media over the weekend has highlighted different trains of thought in the community. Some people have found the urge to hate on the cards due to their lack of rarity as if that’s a bad thing – totally missing the point of the set in the first place. We’ve also got those that want to make a quick buck selling the cards they thought would be more valuable, disappointed with the reality of high levels of supply alongside those who have 10 cases of ETBs stashed under their beds to sell in 2031. If you want to enjoy Celebrations, first of all, I hope you get some products at retail and I think you’re going to be able to in due course. Equally, if you’re sceptical of the set because the cards are “cheap reprints” or “McDonald’s holos” just give it a try and open some packs, it may just spark a feeling you’ve not had in a while. 

By taking Celebrations at face value as a fun and obtainable small Pokemon TCG set, you begin to appreciate exactly what this product’s goal is. This expansion allows parents to create memories with their kids, friends to have fun, and partners to enjoy their time together – all feelings of social interaction that are fundamental to the series we hold so dear to our hearts. I know this hobby is more often than not fuelled by high-value cards and hard to obtain products, however, Celebrations if available to those that want it allows for a different train of thought that promotes the feeling we all had as children and a curiosity to keep opening packs without that gut feeling of disappointment. I’ve talked about the disappointment of a chase before, Pokemon TCG: Celebrations doesn’t need to be that, instead it allows us all to take a step back and appreciate some new memories built on the foundations of old ones. 

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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