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Classic Collection Cards We Would Like To See

Disclaimer: The SaberLeomon artwork appearing in this article is a concept imaged created by Ludkins Media.

The original Hyper Colosseum TCG was a hit in Japan, inspiring an English version called Digi-Battle that used the same artwork with slightly different rules. The game became wildly popular around the same time that the Pokemon TCG was released, which made them top competitors for quite a long time. Unfortunately, it eventually fell in popularity around 2005 when the final booster set was released.

Many iconic cards emerged throughout its run, which are now making a welcomed return in the current Digimon TCG in the form of the Classic Collection booster set. As of writing this article, Bandai has shared many of the standard and alternate art cards, which are utilising the classic artwork with upgraded quality and backgrounds. Up to now, we have seen the return of fan favourites such as MetalGreymon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode and Angewomon, but what other legends could make an appearance? In this article, we share our predictions and the cards we would really love to see in a revamped format. 


When the Digimon TCG Classic Collection was first announced, they showed a banner full of Digimon in their original reference artbook form. As of writing this, many of these Digimon have been revealed, with others yet to appear. This means that it is almost a certainty that the heroic Leomon will make an appearance in his Hyper Colosseum format. 

Classic Collection Cards
Classic Collection Cards


Deputymon will be coming to the English version of the game in the Double Diamond booster, which will release at the end of September for the English version. As this card is a ‘Three Musketeers’ type, could we see Deputymon add another addition to the archetype? 

I Can’t Lose This!

We really hope to see the ‘I Can’t Lose This!’ make an appearance in the Digimon TCG, mainly for its hilarious and fun artwork. In the Hyper Colosseum game, it powers up a Digimon if it meets the criteria of reaching a certain amount of ‘points’. This could easily be adapted to the latest TCG if a player was to have a certain amount of security cards left. 

Classic Collection Cards


Fans of the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series would enjoy seeing Magnamon in the Digimon TCG Classic Collection, although it seems that the Classic Collection is focusing on the first-gen Digimon and the earlier cards in the game. 


Wizardmon is a Digimon in need of a more powerful and higher rarity card, in our opinion. This old artwork shows the magical Digimon powering up his Thunder Bomb attack. 


There arent many Etemon cards in the Digimon TCG currently, so any fans of this crazy monkey have been left disappointed. In the anime, he is a spoof of Elvis Presley, the king of rock, which makes it fitting that KingEtemon exists. If they introduced this Digimon with the Classic Collection, it could become the main card of an Etemon archetype deck. 


Many who collected the Digi-Battle cards in the early 2000s may remember the foiled version of this card. We are confident that SaberLeomon will make an appearance in the Classic Collection, but could this be one of the SRs or SECs of the set?


MarineDevimon appeared in episode 35 of the new rebooted Digimon series. It would be great to see another Devimon form enter the Digimon TCG. Players and collectors will be able to get their hands on a Common version of MarineDevimon with the Battle of Omni set coming out on July 30th, but it would be nice to see a higher rarity with this classic artwork. 


Let’s face it, Nanimon is among the weirdest Digimon in the entire franchise. He is a round wrestler wearing barely any clothes, with bushy facial and body hair. This Digimon is yet to be included in the Digimon TCG, so why not bring this unusual character in with the Classic Collection? 

Hyper Colosseum was wildly popular in Japan, with Bandai even running tournaments as early as 1999 for its ever-growing fan base. Hopefully, the new Digimon TCG will follow suit and gain the same legendary status as the game that Bandai often pays homage to. To see the Hyper Colosseum references already in the game, check out our article here

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