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Closer Look: The DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 1

DBS Collector's Selection Vol. 1

With Booster sets and Draft Boxes, Players are often treated to new cards that can bolster their decks or offer new powerful combos and strategies to help them topple their opponent. But what about those whose main focus is collecting their favourite cards and creating the best collection they possibly can? Well, Bandai has listened to the community and have designed a collector’s item that no DBS CG fan will want to miss out on. The DBS CG ‘Collector’s Selection Vol. 1’ is a sleek looking binder filled with 18 fan favourite cards that have been redesigned and given a brand new texture and foil detailing.

What is really cool about the ‘Collector’s Selection Vol. 1’, is that the first ten cards of this collection were voted for by players. The first five were chosen from Booster Pack cards and the rest from promos. The other eight cards were handpicked by the design team to showcase their proudest achievements over the last four years. 

DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol.1 – Is It Worth The Money? 

Although this collection comes with a $90 (£63) price tag, the value of the cards are worth much more than that. Because of how good some cards are in competitive play, ‘Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts’, ‘Fused Zamasu Deity’s Wrath’ and ‘SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated Destruction’ have a combined market value of $118 (£83). Although those prices are based on the original versions, having alternative art and limited prints could mean that these cards could be worth even more in the future. Keeping in mind that just these three cards are worth that much, especially to competitive players, this collection is seriously worth the money and will only become more valuable as time goes on. 

The Redesign

In true Dragon Ball style, each of the chosen cards will be powering up into new re-envisioned versions. This not only lets us see popular cards in a new light, but will also give fans a truly unique collection that is nothing like anything we’ve seen before in the Dragon Ball Super Card game. 

All the chosen cards have been finished with a psychedelic silver foil that resembles little spiderwebs. This finish makes each card pop and gives them a truly premium look. Although several cards included are popular in some Meta decks, I would be surprised if anyone takes them out of the binder to slip them into a deck protector.  

A Closer Look At The DBS CG Collector’s Selection

The front of the binder shows Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, ready to do what he does best (no, not turn up to the fight 20 episodes late). This artwork is strong and a fantastic representation of the collection inside. Even the writing on the binder, which closely resembles the font of the Bandai online store logo, looks like it’s been taken straight from an art exhibit plaque – fancy! 

The Fan Chosen Booster Cards – 

It’s clear that the designers wanted their new takes to be completely different from the originals. In all these re-designs, the characters are powering up to their full potential and are ready to take on their enemy in epic fashion. There are plenty of silver gaps within the artwork where the texturing will be later added. 

The Fan Chosen Promo Cards –

Fans of the game were asked to vote on a series of cards on the Bandai website, which was whittled down to these five. Interestingly, two were leaders – one being the Expansion Set red/ green ‘Broly, Surge of Brutality’ and the other being ‘Relentless Speed Janemba’, which came in the Series 5 Super Dash Pack back in 2018.

The Game Designers’ Choice – 

Whatever the reason was for the designers to choose these three cards, their redesigns are absolutely amazing. It seems fitting that ‘Son Goku, the Adventure Begins’ has been included in this collection. 

Looking at these five cards, you can see why it’s the talented designers who are in charge of producing the artwork and not me, who can just about manage a miss proportioned Goku doodle in the back of a notebook. Each of these collector cards portrays the next or previous stage of the original cards scene – almost like two frames of an animation. Frieza is ready to launch his infamous death ball, while Vegeta is seen powering up before bringing both balls of energy together for his deadly final flash attack. 

When Will This Collection Arrive?

When the DBS CG ’Collector’s Selection’ was first announced, there was a concern about which countries this product would be available in. Bandai soon put those worries to bed by offering worldwide shipping and partnering up with online retailers around the world. 

As with many TCG products, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the shipping date of this collection, pushing it back between May and June 2021. Stores are almost completely out of their allocated stock for pre-orders, and the Bandai Premium store is no longer taking orders. So if you are interested in owning this product, don’t wait too long before buying yours. 

Although the DBS CG ‘Collector’s Selection Vol. 1’ is a binder filled with some seriously awesome looking cards, it’s much more than just that. It is a celebration of everybody involved in the DBSCG, from the talented designers to the passionate players and collectors. If you are curious about the type of cards most collectors are looking for, click here to check out our list of the ‘Top 10 Most Sought After Cards’ in the game. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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