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Collectibles Auction Company “Goldin Auctions” Receives $40 Million Investment

Goldin Auctions Investment

The Cherning Group (TCG) has made a $40 million investment in growth capital in Goldin Auctions.

You may have heard of Goldin Auctions over the last few weeks because of their collaboration with Logan Paul’s Pokémon First Edition Base Set Box Break that sold for over $1 million ($40,000 per pack on average) on their auction site. 

Now, the company has received a huge investment intake looking to push their auctions and audiences to the next level as the world of collectible cards continues to grow. 

Goldin Auctions, founded in 2012, has quickly become one of the leading auction sites for sports collectibles and TCG’s such as Pokémon. In January, the auction website broke the record for a single auction by hitting $33 million in sales. 

Other notable individuals have also invested emphasising the impact of the current collectibles market. These include Mark Cuban (Owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and American TV personality), Kevin Durant, Mark Wahlberg, Logan Paul, and YouTube Co-founder Chad Hurley.

This level of investment in Goldin Auctions shows the current stature not just within the TCG world but collectibles as a whole. In November last year, the parent company of PSA sold for $700 million. These big money acquisitions and investments go a long way in showcasing how healthy the future of your collectibles are. 

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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