UK Pokemon Center Online now live!!

UPDATE: As of today 09/12/2021 The Pokemon Center Online has launched a UK website! This confirms our theories from the article below! Check out the UK Pokemon Center here.

Pokemon fans from the UK watched in envy last year as Canada opened their online Pokemon Center alongside a Special Delivery Pikachu promo card. Now as we get ready to enter into a new year and the return of the Pokemon World Championships in London in 2022 theories around a potential European or UK based Pokemon Center have surfaced online. Could we see a Pokemon Center come to the UK in 2022? Here’s why some think so.

Disclaimer: The original ideas behind this article came from Endo Collects on YouTube. These theories were brought to our attention via Mattculli Pokemon on YouTube who has created a fantastic video highlighting everything we’ll discuss below. Head on over to their channels and give them some love if you want to see a Pokemon Center for UK Pokemon fans!

These are the main reasons highlighted throughout these theories as to why a Pokemon Center may be in the works for the UK. Just before we begin a Pokemon Center could be online only or a brick and mortar store in London, something we expect for the World Championships next summer. If this information is hinting at a World Championships store it could very well be a pop-up even if this theory seems to point to a larger scale operation. 

Special Delivery Charizard

Special Delivery Charizard SWSH075 was revealed earlier this year leading to rumours of when the card would finally release to the public. The card fits alongside SWSH074 Special Delivery Pikachu, released to coincide with Pokemon Center Canada’s grand opening. It would make sense then that Special Delivery Charizard was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic preventing a possible launch of another Pokemon Center, in this case, UK based. The Pokemon World Championships 2020 were originally due to take place in London until the Pokemon Company postponed the headline event until August 2022. Could Special Delivery Charizard be waiting for a grand reveal via an online Pokemon Center or pop up come August 2022 in London? We really hope so!

Pokemon Center en-GB locale

A locale in computing is used to provide country-based or language-based preferences to a user interface depending on the location of the end-user trying to access the site in question. In the case of the Pokemon Center website to access the Canadian store for example the URL would be: www.pokemoncenter.com/en-ca for any other locale used such as www.pokemoncenter.com/de-de to imply German language and German country the Pokemon Center website responds with a sad Pikachu.

 Try this for yourself as no matter what locale you put after the initial URL, the Pokemon Center will respond with a sad Pikachu face and a “Page not found” error. Every one apart from the UK locale: www.pokemoncenter.com/en-gb which shows an error alongside access denied. This does hint at some ongoing web development for this particular Url and is probably the strongest bit of info to fuel this theory.

New job openings

The Pokemon job website has open roles for some interesting projects based in London. The first of which, a Front End Developer “to support the eCommerce team with its mission to expand its platforms offering products to a growing international customer base.” The job post also states an individual with the “Ability to deal with ambiguity while maintaining a focus on global strategic initiatives for product development to ensure alignment with European expansion” The keyword there being European Expansion…

There’s also another job aimed at the E-Commerce side of things. “The TCG eCommerce Merchandising Manager will be responsible for ensuring our product content and digital campaigns are optimized for online shopping, provide the best-in-class shopper experience and drive conversion on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon.” Could this mean pushing further development with already established online shopfronts like Amazon? We’ve seen more and more US exclusive products have exclusivity in the UK such as Amazon US’s Dragapult Prime Collection Box which was a Game exclusive here in the UK. This job in particular is heavily aimed at the “optimisation of the online shopper journey” something that points towards a European project of some sort in the works.

Now yes, the Pokemon Company has a London office and these rolls could be advertised for the UK for many reasons not linked to the launch of a Pokemon Center UK. That being said, with the oddities related to the locale URL it may very well be too much of a coincidence.

Mew VMAX Alternate Art

The last piece of info from the Pokemon Center Uk theory I want to touch on is the Easter eggs included in Fusion Strike’s Mew VMAX Alternate Art by Akira Egawa. In my opinion, this is the weakest point related to this whole idea. The card itself shows Mew alongside iconic images of London: the black cab, red double-decker buses, Big Ben, a red phone box, and the outline of The London Eye. The link here is undeniable however, Sword & Shield’s Galar region is based on the UK and these monuments appear on the Galar map. If this is hinting at something coming in the future, I think it’s far more likely to be 2022’s World Championships but even then it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. 

I highly recommend for anyone interested in the ideas behind this article to check out the aforementioned YouTube videos which I’ll link below. I’m sure I speak for every UK and European Pokemon fan when I say that a Pokemon Center Online would be an amazing addition providing exclusive products that we enviously dream of from across the Atlantic. Are these points a huge coincidence or is there more to it all than meets the eye? We want to hear your thoughts on whether a Pokemon Center UK could be a possibility and if not why?

Check out MattCulli’s video

Check out Endo Collects’ video

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