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Cross Spirits New ‘Son Goku:GT’ Archetype

Last month, Cross Spirits was announced as the next exciting chapter in the DBS CG. Since the big reveal, Bandai has begun trickling card reveals, including those that will be part of the new Son Goku:GT leader archetype. 

Son Goku / SS4 Son Goku, Returned from Hell (Leader)

This Son Goku Leader is the foundation of a new archetype coming to the DBS CG. The way this deck works is by sending cards from the top of your deck into the Drop Area, which then plays the card that was dropped. This Awakened Leader allows you to choose which card is placed on the top of your deck when attacking, while the Spirit Boost 1 ability lets you drop the card you just placed so that it can be played straight away. 

Cross Spirits archetype
Cross Spirits archetype

Son Goten, the Brawler

‘Son Goten, the Brawler’ will be perfect for the new ‘Son Goku’ Leader mechanic, allowing you to reveal the top card of your deck and send it to the Trash. If this skill reveals some of the cards below, you will be able to play them for free. This could really give you an early advantage if you get to play a card like ‘SS4 Son Goku, the Brawler’ for just 1 Yellow energy. 

Cross Spirits archetype

SS4 Son Goku, the Brawler

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise know how much Goku loves to fight. This has never been so evident than in this ‘SS4 Son Goku, the Brawler’ card, as Goku seems to be having the time of his life. For a 4-cost, this card isn’t bad at all, as it has 2000 Power, Double Strike and Deflect. Its skills are also great, as it KOs a card in Rest Mode and can also be played for free, if it is revealed from the top of your deck and sent to the drop by the skill of another card like ‘Son Goten, the Brawler’. 

Self-Restraint SS Son Goku

‘Self-Restraint SS Son Goku’ is another fantastic card for the new Son Goku Leader card. Not only is it played when sent the Trash from the top of your deck, but it also allows you to draw a card and then place a card from your hand to the top of your deck. If you use ‘Son Goten, the Brawler’ after doing this, you get the play the card you placed on the top of your deck for free.  

Trunks, the Brawler

If Trunks the Brawler is played by being sent to the Drop from the top of the deck, you get to draw a card and then place a card to the top of the deck. If you have a Unison card in play, you can spend 1 marker to drop the card straight away, which will play it in the same turn. Having a draw mechanic in this deck is key, as you could easily burn through your hand without it. 

Son Gohan, the Brawler

‘Son Gohan, the Brawler’ is a nice 1 cost Blocker that is played for free if this card is revealed and sent to the Trash by a skill. Gohan in Dragon Ball GT has to step up to the plate once again to fight Baby and later General Rilldo when villains escaped from Hell. Gohan still dressed in his scholar clothing as he powers up is a nice touch to this artwork. 

Pan, the Brawler 

The GT group isn’t complete without Pan making an appearance. This card is also a 1 cost Blocker but does have the ability to give your Leader Critical for the turn.  

Vegeta, the Brawler 

‘Vegeta, the Brawler’ is a low-level Counter: Attack that will also play a card by using sending the top card of the deck to the Trash. This makes it a very helpful counter tailored for this archetype.  As with most other ‘Brawler’ cards, Vegeta is firing off a might kick in the artwork, which gives uniformity to these lower cost cards.

A Trip to Hell 

One of the only Extra Cards specifically designed to work with this archetype, ‘A Trip to Hell’ is a seriously powerful card that costs just one yellow energy to activate. It ultimately allows you to draw 2 cards and then lets you play any of the cards we’ve previously mentioned straight away. To sweeten the deal further, if you have 3 or more energy, you can send another card to the Trash, which allows you to play another Battle Card in the process. 

Although you do place a lot of cards on the top of your deck for this mechanic, there are plenty of draw mechanics in this deck, such as ‘Trunks, the Brawler’ and the ‘Son Goku’ Leader card, which can keep this deck running like a very fun well-oiled machine. These are all the cards we know that will fit in with the new Son Goku:GT archetype, although it is likely there are others on the way. 

If you would like to see other cards coming with the new Cross Spirit set, head over to our article – DBS CG: Top Black & Blue Cross Spirits cards.

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