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DB Characters That Deserve Their Own Leader Card

DBS Characters Leader Card

The DBS CG has many Leader Cards based on the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball Universe. Often, these cards have unique spins that many deck builders use as the catalyst to form the rest of their deck around. But what about the characters who are yet to have their moment in the spotlight? Well, we at Ludkins Media have cooked up a few ideas that we would love to see implemented in the TCG. 

King Yemma / King Yemma, Jailer of Other World

Dragon Ball fans first met King Yemma after Goku sacrificed himself to kill his evil brother Raditz. Since that moment, he has made recurring appearances throughout Z and even made cameos in GT and Super. King Yemma is the Judge of Other World, deciding who gets to go to Heaven or Hell. Many infamous faces have floated through his office, including Frieza, Cell and the Ginyu Force. With such an important role, wouldn’t it be fitting to see a King Yemma DBS Leader Card that uses villains in the drop area to his advantage? 

DBS CG Fan Art King Yemma
DBS CG Fan Art Red Ribbon

Commander Red / Red Ribbon Army, Call To Arms

Over the last 34 years, Goku has had to step up and defeat many powerful foes. But looking back at the very beginning, the first mighty force he faced was the Red Ribbon Army and the ruthless men in charge of it. This card could work with a ‘Muscle Tower’ Field Card and could generate ‘Red Ribbon Robot’ tokens to crowd the Battle Area.

Android 21 / Sweet Alliance Buu & 21

Two characters with the biggest sweet-tooth are undoubtedly Majin Buu and Android 21. So what would happen if the two of them came together? Well, it would most likely be a dentist’s worst nightmare. Both characters have the ability to turn people into sweets, so what if this card could turn Battle Cards into ‘Sweet Tokens’ until the opponent’s next turn? This entry is a bit of a cheat, as both characters already have a Leader Card modelled on them, but there isn’t one of them together! 

Baby Jiren / Baby Jiren, Only a Child

When the home planet of Baby Jiren was invaded, his parents were savagely killed. Luckily, a wondering warrior called Gicchin came to his rescue and took care of him until the time was right for him to leave. Now, that story may sound familiar to fans of the Star Wars spinoff series, The Mandalorian, as Baby Grogu also shares a similar fate. Would it be cool to see a  DBSCG cross-over card? Yes. Would it ever happen? Most likely not. 

Dr Brief / Dr Brief, Mechanical Mastermind 

Dr Brief is everything you would expect from an inventor. He is eccentric, resourceful, and a genius when it comes to a spanner and a circuit board. As the father of Bulma and the inventor of the Capsule technology, which can fit just about anything into a tiny handheld form, it is only fitting that Dr Brief and his mechanical creations get a shot at leading a deck. Maybe he could work with ‘Heroine’ cards such as Bulma and his granddaughter, Bulla.

Korin, Senzu Bae

Master Korin is among the first super-powerful Martial Artists introduced in the original DB series. Since then, he has made multiple appearances and provided his mighty Senzu Beans when they were most needed. Senzu Beans are famous for healing a fighter to perfect health, even if they are near death. Could this Leader have an ability to prevent one of your Battle Cards from getting negative Power effects? Whatever skills it has, I think we can all agree that Korin really is the Senzu Bae! 

Jaco / Jaco, Dropping an ‘E’ Bomb

Love him or hate him, Jaco can get his hands on an ‘Extinction Bomb’ which can decimate entire planets. Throw in the fact that he has a strong sense of duty and deems anyone who doesn’t meet his expectations as inferior, this clumsy Galactic Patrolman can be incredibly dangerous. Jaco is good friends with Bulma in the Dragon Ball Super anime, which means that this Leader Card could work with the ‘Heroine’ cards released in the new Battle Evolution Booster. 

Out of all the ‘What If?’ Leader cards we have come up with, which one would you most like to see in the DBS CG? Maybe you can think of the perfect text for these cards? Head over to our  Instagram and Facebook post and leave a comment with your suggested card skills. 

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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