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DBS CG – A closer look at Destroyer Kings

Although the DBS CG is only four years old, it hasn’t stopped the earlier sets from becoming incredibly rare and sought after by fans. One of the latest boosters to fall into this legacy status is Destroyer Kings, which was released in April 2019. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 9th booster (including themed boosters) of the TCG and discuss its impact on the DBS CG. 

The release of the new Dragon Ball Super movie is quickly approaching, which will no doubt inspire an entire DBS CG booster set. Destroyer Kings focused on the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which was released in the US and Europe in 2019, the same year the booster was released.

Characters from other Dragon Ball movies also made an appearance in this set, like Mercenary Tao and Tien from the first-ever Dragon Ball movie, Mystical Adventure, Kid Goku and Android 8 from The Path to Power, as well as Lord Slug, Android 13, original Broly and Janemba. Destroyer Kings also introduced the first Boujack Brigade cards for Yellow players, which went on to become a very popular archetype.The Supreme Rivalry booster set later introduced the second coming of the Galaxy Soldiers, which you can learn about here

DBS CG Destroyer Kings

The Destroyer Kings set has 227 cards, which is made up of 60 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 18 Rares, 11 Super Rares, 11 Special Rares, 2 Secret Rares and the 5 ‘Destruction Rares’ composed of Babadi’s Agent of Destruction cards. Those who purchased 12 packs or more were given the DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 2! Super Dash Pack. These packs had one of five full art cards depicting characters from the Broly movie. For those who brought entire booster boxes also received a gold-stamped ‘SSB Gogeta, Fusion’s Pinnacle’ promo card. Because one of these cards come with every booster box, there is still quite a lot of them on the market which makes it still extremely cheap to purchase. 

Sealed booster boxes of Destroyer Kings has been rising through the ranks lately, currently holding the fourth-highest value of all sealed DBS CG booster boxes. In June, a sealed box of Destroyer Kings sold for $726. In July, there were sales of $630 and $850, with box values in August also topping out at $850. September has seen a slight drop in value, with Destroyer Kings boxes going for between $700 and $800

Destroyer Kings introduced a new kind of promo rare known as Destruction Rares. This rarity was limited to the ‘Agent of Destruction’ cards, which was made up of several Dragon Ball Z villains under the mind control of the evil wizard Babidi. These cards vary in value, although it is ‘Broly, Ultimate Agent of Destruction’ which is by far the rarest of them all. In fact, this card is the most valuable of the entire set, currently holding a market guide price of $790, with a PSA 10 selling for $1412 on August 29th. 

DBS CG Destroyer Kings

The Destroyer Kings set doesn’t actually hold that many super high-value cards, unlike the Tournament of Power and the Assault of the Saiyans boosters, which include the Signatures cards as well as the highly sought after SCRs from those sets. The other card from this set that does have a three-figure value is ‘Arcane Absorption Majin Buu’, which currently has a market guide of $251, with two PSA 10 graded copies selling in August for $475 and $480, as well as a BGS 10 selling for $710

If you would like to learn more about the other rare sealed boosters, check out our article – Market Watch: Sealed Booster Box Values. If you would like to learn more about the rarest cards in the DBS CG, head over to our article here

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