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DBS CG – A closer look at Judge Cards

Tournaments are not only a great way to show off your skills and deck building capabilities but also allows you to win the rare and highly sought after prize cards. Because of the stakes, DBS CG official Judges must attend these events to ensure no one unintentionally misplays or cheats. The Judges are not paid for their services in money, but they do receive unique ‘Judge’ cards.

What are Judge Cards?

A Judge isn’t required for local tournaments, with those ruling at the events not receiving any of the Judge Packs. For bigger events, such as Regional events and the Championships, Judges are given several packs for their participation. Bandai started the Judge program way back in November 2017, just a few months after the release of the game. Those who want to become a Judge have to be 21 years of age and pass an exam with a score of 90 or higher.

A huge perk of becoming a Judge is that they are awarded special packs that include cards stamped with the word ‘Judge’ on them. Although the same cards can be pulled without the text from Tournament Packs, the Judge variation is much rarer. Each pack initially came with one card in each of them, with four cards to collect from each pack. Now, there are 10 to collect in each set. 

For the bigger events, Bandai offers those who have already passed their Level 1 exam with an ‘A’ pass the chance to become a Level 2 Judge. After sending off the initial interview form, those successful are invited to the First Stage Exam and then the Online Final Exam on the BCC App or The Bandai Card Game Club Website. Only those who have achieved a level 2 rating are able to obtain the level 2 Judge Packs to get their hands on the promos inside. 

Here are just some of our top Judge Card picks from the DBS CG:

Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan P-016 

This card came with the first-ever Judge pack and has become one of the rarest Judge cards in the game. Currently, 28 ‘Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan’ card have been graded with PSA, with 25 of them achieving PSA 10s.

DBS CG Judge Cards
DBS CG Judge Cards

Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta BT2-10

‘Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta’ could be pulled from both Judge Pack 1 and Judge Pack 2, with the latter having the ‘Level 2’ text printed on it. This card was awarded to judges ruling at a number of events in December 2018 who had achieved the Level 2 qualification. 

Gogeta, Hero Revived BT5-038 SR

‘Gogeta, Hero Revived’ came in Judge Pack 5 for both levels. The last PSA 10 Level 1 Judge Card to sell on eBay went for $100 in 2020, although there was a sale of a Level 2 BGS 9 in June which sold for $233.

DBS CG Judge Cards

Bardock, Will of Iron P-035

On June 3rd of this year, a BGS 10 Pristine Black Label ‘Bardock, Will of Iron’ sold on eBay for $2000. This card initially came with Judge Pack 2 that was released for the 2018 tournament season. This card could also be pulled from Tournament Pack Vol.3 but came without any printed text. 

Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku P-003 PR

In April, a Judge Level 1 PSA 10 sold on eBay for $900, which is ten times more than the two that sold in 2020 for $90! This is a good indicator that Judge Cards are increasing in value even more and are becoming very hard to come by. There are currently 31 Level 1 cards in the PSA population, with 23 of those achieving a PSA 10.

Occupation of Evil Frieza P-018

Another card that came in Judge Pack 01 is ‘Occupation of Evil Frieza’. There are only 19 copies of this card graded by PSA, with 16 achieving a PSA 10. Like other Judge cards, players can get a standard promo version in the Official Tournament Pack Vol.2, although it has no text printed on it.

SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion EX04-03 EX

This next card is a more modern Judge Card which came with the level 1 and level 2 Judge Packs. Only two of these Level 2 cards have been graded by PSA, with one achieving a PSA 10 and the other a PSA 9.

The 2021 Judge pack 9

With the 2021 Championships underway, It would only be fitting to share the latest Judge cards. As a lot of events are being held online to abide by Covid-19 restrictions, these cards may get less in circulation compared to the others as there are fewer in-store events taking place.

Players cannot win DBS CG Judge Packs containing cards at all, making them incredibly exclusive to those who have helped rule at larger events. This means that collectors have to buy or trade directly from Judges or buy them from the secondary market, where they can be extremely expensive. 

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