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DBS CG – A closer look at the Boujack Brigade (Blue)

The Boujack: Unbound movie has become one of the most iconic for fans because of its vicious villains and the epic moment Goku broke the rules to save Gohan. In May, arriving with the Supreme Rivalry Booster Set,  a new version of the  ‘Boujack Brigade’ archetype will enter the DBS CG, which will offer new unique draw and combo mechanics. 

Boujack Leader 

The front of the Boujack Leader shows the rogue antagonist in his full glory. The card sets the basis of the archetypes mechanics, which is using combos to their fullest potential. The Leader reduces the combo cost of blue energy cards by 1, which means all cards can be comboed for free. The Leader front also allows a player to combo from their energy area with a ‘Boujack Brigade’ card and then replenishes it by taking the top card from the deck and places it in the energy. 

When Boujack awakens, the reduction of combo cost remains, as well as the ability to use energy in a combo which is replaced by a card from the top of the deck. Where things do get interesting, is the ability to switch up to 4 blue energy to Active, for the price of 1 blue energy, if the card’s criteria is met. 

The Boujack Brigade
The Boujack Brigade

Bido, the Cruel

‘Bido, the Cruel’ allows you to draw a card when it is played, and powers itself up by +11000 and gains Double Strike by spending 1 energy. This means you can apply some pressure early on in the game.

The Boujack Brigade
The Boujack Brigade

Gokua, the Calamity 

‘Gokua, the Calamity’ offers a search mechanic to the deck, similar to that of the Universal Onslaught Cell Leader. The difference between the two is that it’s a 3 or less cost ‘Boujack Brigade’ card it searches out, or a 4 cost Unison. Also, it doesn’t require a card to be sent to the Drop. Like ‘Bido, the Cruel’, this card powers itself up by +11000 for the rest of the turn but gains Critical instead of Double Strike. 

Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction

‘Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction’ is the Unison Card players will most likely be searching for through the skill of ‘Gokua, the Calamity’. Although it is a 4 cost, which is a little high, it is a Double Strike and Blocker card. For no counter cost, this card allows the player to draw a card and switches a mono-blue energy to Active Mode. It is the -1 skill that makes this Unison a great control card, as it will deter your opponent from attacking you as you can send a Battle Card, of your choosing, to the bottom of their deck. 

The Boujack Brigade
The Boujack Brigade

Zangya, the Savage

Another member of the ‘Bojack Brigade’ and the ‘Super Combo’ of this deck, 

‘Zangya, the Savage’ not only allows the player to draw a card when she is used in a combo, but also allows another card being used in a combo to have an additional +6000 Combo Power.

Bido, the Evildoer

Another appearance from Bido, this card can be played after it is used in a combo and can switch an energy to Active Mode if it’s your opponent’s turn. Although it does have a Combo cost of 1, the Boujack Leader reduces that to zero. If you spend 1 energy,  ‘Bido, the Evildoer’ can send a Battle Card with an energy cost of 1 to the bottom of the deck, adding further control to this archetype. 

Gokua, the Evildoer

Just like ‘Bido, the Evildoer’, this card can be played after it is used in a combo and if a blue energy is spent. This card can also sends a Battle Card with an energy cost of 1 to the bottom of the deck. 

Zangya, the Evildoer

‘Zangya, the Evildoer’ lets a player draw a card when she is used in a combo from the Battle Area or Energy Area. To utilise your Boujack Leader’s skill, you can always place ‘Zangya, the Evildoer’ in your energy until you are ready to use her skill and combo Power. 

 Supreme Rivalry Booster Set
 Supreme Rivalry Booster Set

Bujin, the Evildoer

As with the other Evildoers, this card is played after it is used in a combo. Unlike the others, however, if a Battle Card has a greater energy cost than the amount of overall energy your opponent has, this card prevents it from attacking or being used in a combo in the next turn. 

Bujin, the Commando

This ‘Counter: Attack’ card not only stops the attack but also allows you to play it too. ‘Bujin, the Commando’ can be played from the Energy Area by discarding a card and allows you to replace the lost energy with a card from the top of the deck. 

 Supreme Rivalry Booster Set
 Supreme Rivalry Booster Set

Boujack, the Evildoer

‘Boujack, the Evildoer’ is a very nice addition to the Brigade, as it has Dual Attack and 20000 Power. For the cost of 2 energy, after using this card in a combo, you can play it. Once Boujack arrives, you can send one of your opponent’s Battle Cards to the bottom of their deck, furthering the control aspect of the blue Boujack Brigade DBS CG deck. 

Boujack, on a Rampage

Using ‘Boujack, the Evildoer’ to EX-Evolve, you can play ‘Boujack, on a Rampage’ and draw two cards. With Double Strike and Dual Attack, this card is the powerhouse of the Boujack Brigade and will certainly make your opponent sweat. If you use this card in a combo and then spend 4 energy, you get to draw a card,  send a Battle Card to the bottom of your opponent’s deck and then play this card in Rest Mode. Another way to control the field and prevent your opponent from attacking is the ‘Boujack, on a Rampage’ once per turn skill, that allows you to switch one of your energy to Active while switching one of your opponent’s to Rest Mode, if one of their Battle Cards attack. 

 Supreme Rivalry Booster Set

If you enjoyed learning about the ‘Boujack Brigade’ in the DBS CG, another new archetype coming with the Supreme Rivalry Booster Set is ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’, which will be based around the proud King Vegeta and his family ties. To learn more about these interesting new cards, check out our article here

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