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DBS CG – A look at the Expert Decks

While starter decks are designed to help new players enter the DBS CG, Expert Decks allow players to implement more advanced strategies with a premade, themed deck. The DBS CG currently has three Expert Decks for more seasoned players to choose from, but are they worth buying? 

Universe 6 Assailants

Universe 6 Assailants was the first Expert Deck to be released. It is a dual colour deck, hosting yellow and blue cards, and is definitely one of the most powerful starter decks in the game. The Leader of this deck is Cabba, who has the ability to self awaken by playing Universe 6 cards. When the card flips to ‘Vegeta & Cabba, Master & Pupil’, this card gains a +5000 Power boost for each energy your opponent has in rest mode. In fact, this card really shines if your opponent has spent all of their energy, as it starves them of two energy next turn. Finally, this Leader card has two draw mechanics, the first for attacking and the other by using the deck’s main strategy of switching your opponent’s cards to Rest Mode. 

This deck is all about switching cards to Rest Mode, using cards like ‘Planet Sadala’ to work with other Universe 6 cards and taking advantage of all the draw mechanics to their full potential. If played right, this deck can be incredibly powerful. 

Because of the rarity of the ‘Assault of the Saiyans’ booster pack that comes with it, this deck has become incredibly difficult to find, which has caused its price to increase significantly on the secondary market. With that being said, you can buy a deck for close to the retail price, but the box has been opened and the booster pack removed. 

DBS CG Expert Decks

Android Duality 

Android Duality was the second Expert Deck that entered the DBS CG in November 2019. This deck is the most affordable on the market at the moment, as the booster pack that comes with the deck, Malicious machinations, isn’t really rare or in demand. Fronted by the ‘Android 21’ Leader,  this deck is incredibly fun to play with its cast of Androids from the Dragon Ball series.  

When the Leader Card is awakened to ‘Self-Control Android 21’, it allows a player to send an energy to the Drop to draw a card. After that, they can replace the lost energy with a card from the Drop, which is then switched to Active Mode in the opponent’s turn. There are a lot of fun combos you can do with this deck, like being able to play ‘Android 16, Mechanical Prowess’ for no cost if you use the Leader skill to send it from your energy to the Drop. This deck has plenty of search skills throughout, which means that finding crucial cards is made easier. 

DBS CG Expert Decks

Ultimate Lifeform 

The Ultimate Lifeform deck is another Expert Deck that has become hard to find, as well as being incredibly more expensive when compared to its original RRP. Once again, this is due to them being bought up for the pack of Universal Onslaught that comes with them. 

The deck itself is fantastic to play and reflects the events of the anime. One key strategy allows you to build up Cell’s forms by placing Android 17 and 18 behind him in the right order. The ‘SS2 Son Gon, Wounded Victor’ and ‘SS Son Goku, Valiant Breakthrough’ cards also work together in this DBS CG Expert Deck, just like in the series. Although the Leader Card does play a little slow in the current game, its ability to play ‘Cell Jr. Tokens’ is a fun way to swarm the field. 

Fans of the ‘Cell Games Saga’ will get a kick from this deck, and if played correctly, can make quick work of your opponent. 

Although there are no new Expert Decks planned, two new starter decks are coming in August. To learn more about the starter decks Bandai has released, check out our article – DBS CG: Which Starter Deck is best?

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