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DBS CG Archive Booster – information revealed

DBS CG Archive Booster

Bandai recently revealed that they are releasing an ‘Archive Pack’, including reprints of popular cards. The intention of this is to bridge the gap for competitive players who may not be able to get their hands on rarer meta critical cards. Today, information on the DBS CG Archive booster packs has been shared online, giving us an exciting glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming premium packs. 

The cards chosen for the DBS CG Archive Booster will come from Promo Sets, Draft Boxes, Expansions, Starter / Expert Decks, Theme Boosters and pre-Unison Warrior booster sets. The original reprint versions will have the RE printed on the bottom left of the card, while alternate art versions will have a unique ‘Parallel Holo’ finish.

The number of cards in each pack will be reduced to just 8, which will cost $4.99 each (£3.50). Within the DBS CG Archive Booster set, there will be two SCR reprints that are yet to be revealed. This will mark the first foiled Secret Rare reprints within the DBS CG and will offer new fantastic designs for collectors and players alike to add to their collections. 

The DBS CG Archive Booster will have the code ‘AB-01’, which could mean that they intend on releasing more in the coming years.

The full set contains: 

30 x Commons

15 x Uncommons

9 x Rares

7 x Super Rares 

2 x Secret Rares

The cards that are getting reprinted are still a mystery, but it is possible that highly popular and expensive cards such as ‘Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination’, ‘Apex of Power’ and ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ could be included in the set. 

DBS CG Archive Booster

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