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DBS CG: Ban / Errata list update!

DBS Ban List

As we approach the release of the Unison Warrior Series Set 4, Supreme Rivalry, Bandai has updated their current DBS CG ban/limited/errata list in preparation. Although only one card has been added to each category, the banned cards could be a game-changer for the decks it’s most popular in. 

Limited – 

Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7 (TB1-052)

It seems that Bandai intends on releasing more ‘Universe 7’ cards at some point. This is the reason why ‘Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7’ has been reduced to just one per deck, because allowing a full playset was limiting the design process of future ‘Universe 7/Son Goku’ cards. 

Banned – 

Master Roshi, Kamehameha Origins (EX10-02)

‘Master Roshi, Kamehameha Origins’ is the only card to find itself on the ban list. This is because it can be used, some consider unfairly, to recycle some powerful extra cards in Green decks. Some have criticised that a total ban may be too harsh and that it should have at least been limited to just one. 

Errata – 

Demon God Towa, Offering of the Dark Dragon Balls (BT13-139)

The latest Errata to the list isn’t anything too serious, with just a text correction so that the card makes more sense and can be played properly. 

The current text reads:

[Super Combo]

[Sparking 5] If your Leader Card is black : When this card is used in a combo, draw 1 card.

After the Errata, the text will read: 

[Super Combo]

[Auto][Sparking 5] If your Leader Card is black : When this card is used in a combo, draw 1 card.

These DBS CG Ban List updates will kick in during the pre-release / release day of the Supreme Rivalry booster set. Although a date hasn’t been announced yet for the latest set, the DBS CG website states that it is expected sometime in May. 

To learn more about the new ‘Vegeta’s Lineage’ archetype arriving with Supreme Rivalry, head over to our article here

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