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DBS CG Ban List – Cards that should come off

Players received an update on the Ban/Limited/Errata list recently that saw ‘Master Roshi, Kamehameha Origins’ removed from competitive play and ‘Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7’ reduced to just one per deck. Although DBS CG cards are added to the ban list because of their effects on the current meta, there are cards that still remain on the ban list that are arguably no longer considered as overpowered as they once were. 

Growing Evil Lifeform Cell

There is no denying that ‘Growing Evil Lifeform Cell’ is an incredibly useful card when used to play ‘Evolving Evil Lifeform Cell’ and then ‘Perfect Force Cell’, which reduces your opponent’s hand to just three cards. If it is used to play ‘Cell, Unthinkable Perfection’, a player can be more specific when destroying a hand because they get to choose three cards to send to the drop. Although this card is incredibly useful, its cost does mean that it will usually take at least three turns to play and will require an Android 17 and 18 in the hand. Although the higher cost Cell cards do have 30000 Power, they don’t have any skills to protect them from being sent to the drop by counters or other skills. 

DBS CG ban list cards
DBS CG ban list cards

The Legendary Flute

With zero cost, ‘The Legendary Flute’ returned a Battle Card with a cost of 3 or less to a player’s hand. If you happened to return to your own card, then you got to draw a card also. This allowed players to replay their cards to take advantage of a handy search skill or use them for self-awakening purposes. Although at one time it seemed overly powerful, other colours now have much better low-cost cards at their disposal. One example of this would be Launch decks that can play multiple Battle Cards in the first couple of turns. Being limited to only blue leaders would prevent this card from being abused in other colour decks. 

Bardock, the Progenitor

Although the ‘Goku’s Lineage’ 2-cost Bardock card may have seemed overpowered a number of sets ago, allowing a 2-cost card to be played in the first turn and having an early awaken mechanic, the ‘Goku’s Lineage’ archetype became incredibly slow when compared to other cards that entered the game afterwards. With the Supreme Rivalry booster set making the archetype relevant again, now seems the perfect time to free this card from the ban list. 

DBS CG ban list cards

Minus Kili Zone

The problem with ‘Minus Kili Zone’ is that it was a 0-cost black card that could be played by every single deck, preventing a counter play. If this card got an errata that made it a 1 or 2-cost black energy, it would be limited to just black decks, which would make it far less worthy of a full ban. Other colours have free or cheap cost ‘Counter:Counter’ cards, so would allowing this one to come off the ban list be so bad? 

Unyielding Spirit Trunks

The ‘Unyielding Spirit Trunks’, which was put on the ban list last year, seems a little unnecessary when compared to other blue cards that turn tapped energy to Active. ‘Senzu bean’ and the ‘SSGSS Son Goku Soul Striker Reborn’ Leader card are far better at replenishing spent energy. Maybe there were one too many cards for blue that had this effect and Bandai wanted to limit how much energy could be switched back to Active. Maybe the fact that this card has a 0 combo cost, which allows it to be used very early in the game, is the reason for its ban. Whatever the cause, many believe that this card should have been limited and definitely not banned entirely.

Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh

‘Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh’ was clearly a powerful ‘Super-Combo’ card that had +10000 Combo Power and allowed a player to play a level 3 or lower Battle Card, but does it still deserve to be banned? In the current game, Super-Combo cards of other colours have some pretty powerful skills. Two great examples of this would be ‘Raditz, Saiyan Youth’, which allows two cards to be drawn after it’s used, and ‘Android 18, Bionic Blitz’, which forces your opponent to send a card from their hand to the bottom of the deck. Most yellow cards only allow a single card to be drawn as part of their Super Combo skill, which is pretty weak compared to other colours. 

Bandai reviews their Ban/Limited/Errata list every now and then, and even occasionally removes DBS CG cards from the ban list, like in the case of ‘Scrambling Assault Son Goten’. This means that cards currently banned may make a much-welcomed return when they are no longer considered “broken” or easily abused within the current meta. To learn more about the latest additions to the ban list, click here. To keep up to date with future changes to the ban list, as well as all the DBS CG news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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