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DBS CG – Bandai announce 2nd Edition sets!

Bandai has communicated to their distributors that the DBS CG set 10 (Rise of the Unison Warrior) and set 11 (Vermilion Bloodline) will be getting a reprint that will arrive in September. What is interesting about this announcement is that the revised box artwork indicates a huge change is coming to the DBS CG sets in regards to reprints in the form of 2nd Edition stamps.

The revised artwork images show a red banner with a ‘2nd Ed’ stamp on the top of the box and booster packs, with everything else looking the same as the original products. This will act as a way for players and collectors to get their hands on cards that were difficult previously. This will also be fantastic for new players getting into the game. Does this mean we will see even older sets get a ‘2nd Edition’ print run? 

2nd Edition DBS CG sets

The official statement posted to the DBS CG social media accounts reads: 

‘While we continue to make efforts in reprinting desirable cards in products like Battle Evolution Booster, Special Anniversary Box, and promotional items such as Event Packs and Tournament Alt-Art Sets, there is also demand from stores and players to have these cards available in original booster pack form.

Initially, Bandai made it clear that they would not be stamping their cards with anything to indicate that they are reprints, but after listening to the community, they have decided to include a ‘RE’ at the bottom left of the card. 

It has also been revealed that a new ‘Archive Booster’ will be coming soon, which will include reprints of hard to obtain cards. This will help new players get into the game and will allow them to keep up with the current meta without having to pay the inflated secondary market prices. 

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