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DBS CG Battle Evolution Booster: The Heroine Cards

DBS CG Battle Evolution Booster

With the DBS ‘Battle Evolution Booster’ releasing today, players will finally get the chance to build and try out the very first Heroine themed deck. These new cards will allow the female heroes of the Dragon Ball universe to step into the spotlight and show people that it’s not just the Saiyans who can hold their own in tough battles.

Heroines Lineage (EB1-68)

Last week, Bandai revealed this Secret Rare from the DBS ‘Battle Evolution Booster’, although the decision was forced following a leak on social media. ‘Heroines Lineage’ is the newest landscape full-art card showing Videl and Bulma, along with their half-Saiyan daughters. This Secret Rare can really turn the tides in battle by allowing its owner to play as many Heroine Cards as they like from their hand, as long as they equal ten or less. Also, if the opponent has a Battle Card with an energy cost of seven or less, this card can be activated in the battle phase to take control of it. 

Bulma, Life of a Heroine (EB1-49)

There is a new Bulma Leader entering the DBSCG, and this time it’s not the ‘Saiyans’ and Earthlings’ she’s helping out. The new Bulma Leader gives the Heroine trait to Pan, Bulla, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Videl, Mai, Mai: Future, and Android 18 Battle Cards. The second Permanent skill of ‘Heroines Lineage’ won’t allow non-Heroine cards to be played, which means that this deck is a girls-only zone. When a Battle Card is played, Bulma gives herself and the played card +5000 Power, and lets the player draw a card. When this Leader awakens, her Skills remain the same, except for the added benefit of increasing a Battle Card’s Power by +5000 for a battle.

Bulma, Inspiring Support (EB1-50)

A Black Battle Card that will go hand in hand with the Black Bulma Leader, this Super Combo Card will give +10000 to the Battle Card it is applied to, as well as an extra +2000 for each of the colours in your Energy Area. This means that if you run a multicolour deck, this card becomes even stronger. 

Bringing Older Cards Back Into The Action

A great aspect of the Heroine trait is that it brings old cards back into the mix. Cards like ‘Heroic Duo Videl’, ‘Power of Love Mai’ or ‘Awakening Talent Pan’ are made relevant by the benefits that come with being a Heroine. 

One variation of this deck could be to utilise the Red Launch cards from the ‘Unison Warrior Series 3 Set – Vicious Rejuvenation’, which came out in January. In fact, a player could make a seriously powerful deck by using the Launch Leader card from that set, along with the new cards in the DBS ‘Battle Evolution Booster’. 

Launch, Inspiring Support (EB1_03)

If you do choose to use Launch as your Leader, you will be able to use ‘Launch, Inspiring Support’ to not only power up one of the other Heroine cards in a combo, but also play from the drop area afterwards – ultimately allowing you to combo with her again! 

Gine, Heroic Support

Not only is Gine faithful to her crew, but she will also help out a fellow Heroine Leader. ‘Gine, Heroic Support’ allows a player to take an Energy Card and put it in their hand while replacing it with a card from their Drop Area. 

Launch, the Wild One

The ‘Launch, the Wild One’ Unison Card is a must-have in a Heroine Deck. It has a low energy cost to play and only costs one marker to KO any number of Battle Cards that equals 3. This Unison will be incredibly useful in the early stages of a game. 

The Universe 2 Heroines

There are a number of ‘Universe 2’ Battle Cards that have the Heroine trait, which allows deck builders more diversity with their choices. ‘Ribrianne, the Power of Support’ allows you to play a ‘Rozie’ or ‘Kakunsa’ from your deck. ‘Kakunsa, Feral Fury’ can increase its own Power by + 16000 if the opponent has 8 cards in their hand and 3 or more energy. ‘Rozie, Blast Manipulator’ forces your opponent to discard two cards and gain Triple Attack for the turn.

With all the fascinating new cards being introduced with the DBS ‘Battle Evolution Booster’, It will be interesting to see the different variations of the Heroine Deck being built in the upcoming months, especially those competing in the Championships. Will we see Heroine decks give the likes of King Piccalo, Mecha Freiza and Syn Shenron decks a run for their money? 

To learn more about the 2021 Championships and the fantastic prizes up for grabs, head over to our guide here

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