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DBS CG Card Profile – Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex Of Power

Although many cards pulled from DBS CG booster packs hold respectable price tags, there are several that have achieved icon status among collectors for their rarity and value. Among the top of that list is ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex Of Power’, which came in the Universal Onslaught set. 

Disclaimer: All prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing this article (December 6th) and are subject to change. 

 Universal Onslaught Booster Set

‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex Of Power’ was one of the Secret Rares that came with the Universal Onslaught booster set that was released in February 2020. This set focused on enemies throughout the Dragon Ball universe, including Frieza and Jiren, and ran alongside the release of the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot video game, which came with a promo card box topper. Now that this booster set is out of print, the chase cards, which include ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex Of Power’ and ‘Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination’, have become incredibly valuable. The booster box pull rate of this card is believed to be around 4.2%, which means there is only a 0.17% of pulling it from a booster pack. Bandai has since stopped printing Universal Onslaught, which has increased the price of its booster packs and the value of the SCRs found inside. In fact, these packs are so desirable that some collectors buy up The Ultimate Life Form Expert Deck, just to get the unweighed booster pack inside of it. Booster boxes are currently selling for around $1100 to $1300, while a single booster pack goes for around $35

DBS CG Apex Of Power

The moment in the series – 

One of the reasons this card has become so popular is down to the characters it focuses on and the legendary moment the artwork is based on. It’s no secret that Goku and Vegeta are the top fan favourites of the Dragon Ball franchise, who have had a long running rivalry since the first season of Dragon Ball Z when Vegeta planned on wiping out everyone on the planet so that it could be sold. In the Tournament of Power arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime, fans got to see the two Saiyans team up against Jiren, resulting in an epic moment. What’s interesting about this card is that the moment seen in the artwork never actually happened within the series, with Goku never going Ultra Instinct when teaming up with Vegeta. This moment was first seen in the Dragon Ball Heroes card of the same name, with very similar artwork to the DBS CG version.

About the card – 

In play, ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex Of Power’ is pretty impressive. It can be played for five energy, instead of eight, if the player has five or more red and blue multicoloured cards in their Drop Area. As this card has Victory Strike, if an attack can be successfully pulled off on the opponent’s Leader Card, you automatically win the game. 

The last PSA 10 Apex of Power to sell went for around $2030 on December 4th, after the buyer accepted a best offer. Before that, between November 21st and November 26th, three more copies sold for $1600, $1875 and  $1954. The last raw copies to sell went for $812 on December 1st and $938 on November 17th. These prices are lower than the values seen in August, with PSA 10s selling for between $2650 and  $3000, while raw copies sold for between  $730 and $1000

DBS CG Apex Of Power

The Future of the card – 

The Mythic Booster has recently been released, introducing several reprints of popular and hard to get cards. Although Apex of Power hasn’t made an appearance in this set, that doesn’t mean it won’t show up in a future Mythic booster. With that being said, Bandai has expressed their concern about diminishing the values of the rarest cards, such as Awakened Power or Apex of Power, by releasing alternate art alternatives. If these cards were released again in a modern booster, it would mean that they would be more available for those wanting to include them in a deck. Would you like to see ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex Of Power’ appear in a future Mythic Booster? 

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The SCR reprints of the DBS CG Mythic Booster

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