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DBS CG Character Focus – Piccolo

Piccolo is a character whose roots run deeply within the Dragon Ball series. As was often the case with members joining the Z Fighters, Piccolo started out as a villain, or at least his father did before spawning a near clone moments before dying. Over the course of the franchise, and the different Dragon Ball series, we have seen Piccolo grow from a grumpy Namek to a grumpy Namek with a soft spot for Goku’s family. 

With Piccolo playing a major part in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, In this article, we take a look at the best Piccolo cards in DBS CG and the iconic moments they capture. 

DBS CG Piccolo

Piccolo isn’t actually much older than Gohan if you think about it, as he was spat out by his father and reincarnated as a baby Namak. This means that when Piccolo Jr fought a grown-up Goku, he was only a couple of years old, despite looking like an adult. This was also around the time that Goku and Chi Chi went off to get married and start a family, which means that Piccolo was technically a child himself when he was training Gohan following Goku’s death in the Saiyan Saga. 

DBS CG Piccolo

Piccolo is actually the evil part of Kami, who the elderly Namek split from to become the world’s guardian. Eventually, to face off against Cell, a reformed Piccolo and Kami became one again, which powered the Namek up tenfold. 

DBS CG Piccolo

A running theme throughout Dragon Ball, and later Dragon Ball Z, was the enemy turning over a new leaf. We saw it with Yamcha, Tien and later Piccolo. When Raditz crashed to earth looking for his brother, the Namek decided to put his differences aside with Goku to team up together. This fight resulted in a sacrifice that changed Piccolo’s mind about the Saiyan and the rest of humankind. 

DBS CG Piccolo

It was after training Gohan that the evil side of Piccolo began to fade, with him even sacrificing himself to save the son of the man who killed his father – now there’s a plot for a soap opera! Since then, the pair have teamed up, with many considering Piccolo a second father to the half Saiyan.  

DBS CG Piccolo
DBS CG Piccolo

Where Piccolo and Goku differ in battle, is that Piccolo likes to plan out his moves and strategise. This was seen when fighting Raditz, with the Special Beam Cannon, and when he went to confront Cell at Gingertown, getting him to explain everything before snapping off his withered arm and escaping. Will we see more moments in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero where Piccolo’s planning pays off? Maybe he will pass on his strategic mindset onto Pan, as we know that Gohan inherited his father’s rage-induced transformations, rather than stepping back and planning the next move. 

DBS CG Piccolo

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, once said that his favourite character in the entire franchise was Piccolo, despite letting him fall into the background as a supporting character who now has a part-time job as a babysitter in Dragon Ball Super. That isn’t to say that Piccolo hasn’t had his fair share of epic fight moments, such as when he faced off against Frieza in his second form or his run-in with Android 17. 

Piccolo was a breath of fresh air when he first came into the Manga/Anime and is arguably the inspiration for the villain change we saw with Dragon Ball Z. How could they go back to toppling a criminal army or battling human fighters after Goku defeated the fabled and feared Demon King? Piccolo has many cards in the DBS CG, and due to his popularity, I would say many more to come! 

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