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DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 2

During yesterday’s DBS CG first ‘Direct’ episode, Bandai revealed the artwork for two of the cards included in the DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 2. Well, it seems that they couldn’t wait to show off the rest of their incredible alternate arts.

As the Bandai Premium website opens up pre-orders for the DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 2, we get our first complete look at the cards that will make up the collection. As was the case with Vol 1, there are 10 cards that were voted for by fans during the First Anniversary poll in June. The other eight cards were selected by the design team, who took the artwork in a completely different direction with these reimaged versions. 

DBS CG Collector's Selection Vol. 2

The designers have really done a fantastic job of framing the characters in powerful and epic ways. The use of textured silver foiling for the emanating Ki is a really nice touch in these full arts, as well as the fine outlines on some of the characters. 

Arguably, the best looking cards in the entire selection are the ones chosen by the game designers. Using the duel colours of each card in the illustration and/or text is incredibly effective, with ‘Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief’, Android 18, Bionic Blitz’ and ‘Dr. Gero, Progenitor of Terror’ being among the most eye-catching of the entire selection. 

DBS CG Collector's Selection Vol. 2

The design team have managed to make Collector’s Selection Vol.2 look completely different to the tones seen in the first Vol, with an overall product that meets the fine line of uniformity and uniqueness. 

Collector's Selection Vol. 2

Pre-Orders for the DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 2, costing $ 90, will end on October 25th, with the amount of manufactured copies sticking strictly to the pre-order numbers. This limited print run will make this collection rare and difficult to source after pre-orders close and the product is distributed. 

If you missed the first Collector’s selection, head over to our article here for a closer look at each card. To check out a premium collection being released for the Carddass Dragon Ball series, click here

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