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DBS CG: Cross Spirits SPRs Speculations

Last week, Bandai officially announced that the fifth set in the Unison Warriors series would be Cross Spirits. This booster will inject many new Spirit Boost cards into the DBS CG, along with the new Saiyan Boost and Namekian Boost expansion sets. Although the trailer only gave a taster of the cards coming, an image of the booster box artwork may have offered up the identities of the set’s SPRs. 

Cross Spirits SPRs

The SPRs We Already Know – 

The SPRs we do know for certain are ‘Great Saiyaman, the Mysterious Hero’ and ‘Tapion, The Hero Revived’. Both of these cards are Unison cards sporting a brand new art style that has the character painted in a full portrait style. There are also vibrant brushstrokes and purple foiling on their backgrounds. As we have seen before, the Ki coming from the character is blank foiling which looks to be tinted the colour of the card. 

Cross Spirits SPRs

Far-Right Card – 

The other cards may look super blurry, but they do offer up details that could help identify the characters on them. One possibility is that the card on the far-right is a member of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. This would make sense, as the trailer did show that Dyspo, Jiren and Top will appear in Cross Spirits. After closer inspection, it seems more likely to be a SS4 character from the Dragon Ball GT series. The telltale signs would be the red fur, the bare chest and the dark pants. We can rule out Goku, as he has yellow pants, and also trunks, as the character on the box art has dark hair. This means that it could be SS4 Vegeta, Gohan or even Bardock. 

The Far Left Card – 

The far-left card appears to be Top, with his moustache and body shape clearly visible. This may back up the speculation that the card on the far-right isn’t a Pride Trooper, as two Universe 11 SPRs would be too much. With this card being a Unison, it is likely that it will work with the new ‘Jiren, Thirst for Power’ card that has been announced for Cross Spirits.

Card Fourth Across –

This card could be Android 18, as the character appears to be wearing her clothing from GT or the tracksuit from Dragon Ball Super. If this is the case, it could bring some support to the ‘Heroine’ Archetype. Although some players would welcome that, it is more likely to be Mercenary Tao, as his pink chang pao can be seen with the black slit to the side. 

Until they are revealed, there isn’t any way of knowing which cards will be included as SPRs in the Cross Spirits set, except for the two that have already been shared with us. What we do know is that a new texture will be added to the Unison cards, as it is stated on the box art. 

The official card list of the set will be released in the near future, which will reveal the identities of the Cross Spirit SPRs and the other cards that will help the new Spirit Boost mechanic really take off. To keep up to date with all Dragon Ball Super Card Game updates, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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