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DBS CG Delays Announced!

Over the last year, the DBS CG has been hit with a number of delays brought on by distribution issues relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was seen with the Cross Spirits booster, Supreme Rivalry, Vermilion Bloodline and the Premium Pack 04 for Canadian fans. Bandai have now delivered some more bad news concerning the Special Anniversary Box 2021 and the Tournament Kit 5. 

Special Anniversary Box –

It has been announced that the Special Anniversary Box 2021 will be delayed in Europe, due to shipping issues. Although Europe is yet to receive their products, the majority of the US will be receiving their Special Anniversary Boxes as planned (September 10th). Usually, these delays are a maximum of a couple of weeks, but in this case, Bandai haven’t committed to another date as yet. Local stores are also in the dark at the moment, unable to give a solid date for when they will arrive. To learn more about the Special Anniversary Box 2021, read our article here.

DBS CG Delays

Unison Warrior Series Tournament Kit 5 –

The Unison Warrior Series Tournament Kit 5 has been delayed in Canada, with no new date set. Bandai has advised stores to contact Universal or Bandai Global OP to revise their event schedules, despite not knowing exactly when the kits will be shipped out. With that being said, it is likely that the kits will arrive by the end of September. 

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