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DBS CG – Championship Cards revealed

There hasn’t been many updates lately for organised play within the DBS CG, but today Bandai has shared some exciting information for the Online Regionals and Large Store Championships, including the cards that are within Event Pack 8 and a number of cards from the Championship Pack 2021 Vol. 2.

On the DBS CG Social media pages, Bandai has explained that they are moving on from the previous prize cycle so that players can work toward earning some brand new prizes, which include reprints.

Bandai has shared ten cards from the ‘Event Pack 8′, which include some popular reprints, and five cards from the Championship Pack 2021 Vol. 2. The contents of the three winner alt art cards have also been revealed, all of which having the gold “Winner’ foil text on them.

Bandai listened to the community and took their recommendations when it came to choosing the reprints for the competitive play prizes. They used comments and questionnaires on social media to help decide which ones should be included. 

Event Pack 8 Cards

DBS CG Event Pack 8

Championship Pack 2021 Vol. 2 Cards

Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol. 2 Cards

Although we have had a look at the cards included in the set, the pack art for DBS CG Event Pack 8 is being kept a mystery. The reason for this is because an art element is based on the next Unison Warrior Series set and would potentially provide a spoiler. 

Details on how you can register for the upcoming events will be shared soon, as Bandai work on finalising details. If you would like to learn more about the Championships and the prize cards that came before the new ones coming soon, check out our article – The DBS CG Championships Return! What to Expect in 2021.

The DBS CG social media accounts have hinted that there will be a big announcement coming on May 28th. Could this be related to the next DBS CG booster set

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